Drupal 8 Migration & Updates

We perform Drupal 6, 7 to Drupal 8 upgrades and more.

Drupal 8 Migration & Updates

Unleash the Power of Drupal

Whether you’re upgrading from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8 or making an update to run your business site – our Drupal 8 experts are here to make it happen quickly and efficiently. There a numerous features and benefits to Drupal 8 that allow for easier content updates, more administrative functionality, and further optimization your site to keep it performing at its best.
Drupal 8 Migration Services

  • Drupal 6,7 Content Migration
  • Drupal 8 Platform Upgrades
  • Legacy CMS Platform Migration
  • Content Audit and Restructuring
Drupal 8 Upgrades

Why do Client Choose Alliance for Drupal 8 Upgrades?

Here are a few reasons why customers choose our Washington, DC team to help migrate your existing website to run on Drupal 8- so you can experience all of its unique benefits and features.

  • 14-years Experience
  • Top Rated Development Agency by Clutch
  • Custom Drupal Content Management Systems and Websites
  • Employee Training After Project Completion
  • 90-Day Guarantee on All Work
Upgrade to Drupal 8

Why Upgrade to
Drupal 8?

With more than 200 updates and features, Drupal 8 comes with some amazing features that you can utilize to further enhance your web presence. Content management is even easier on Drupal 8, and administrators can take advantage of new built-in themes with a responsive design, which makes it easy to adapt the site to mobile and tablet devices.

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Performing
  • Live Editing Features
  • Inclusion of Twig Template Engine
  • Built In Fields
  • Multilingual Features

Why Choose Alliance
for Your Migration to Drupal 8

Our development team at Alliance are experts when it comes to working on the Drupal platform. For over 14 years, we have experience designing custom Drupal websites and content management systems, as well as providing assistance with Drupal site migrations and upgrades. We’ll make the entire process as quick and easy as possible, and protect your site from any potential data loss. You’ll keep everything you’ve spent years working on and be able to take advantage of all the updates and features of the newest version of Drupal.

Peace of Mind

Focus on your business not ​​​​​​​technical issues.


We integrate with your  team and scale to fit your website support needs.

Reduce Costs

Website downtime and full time staff are expensive, we do it all for a fraction of the cost.

Site Security

We monitor and track your site so it stays up to date and secure all year.

Design Updates

We integrate with your  team and scale to fit your website support needs.

Drive Value

Extend the life of your website and improve the value to visitors.

SEO Health Review

Boost rankings for keywords that will help your company grow.

Improve Speed

Slow websites hurt repeat traffic, get lighting fast speed that will keep them coming back.

Dedicated Support*

We’re passionate about supporting your team with dedicated staff that gets results.

Drupal 8 Migration Process

Our team of development experts will make changing your website platform to run on Drupal 8 a simple and smooth process. Our Drupal 8 Migration process for site migration depends on your current CMS system, current content organization, and the amount of content you have.

Content Audit and Data Analysis

1. Content Audit and Data Analysis

Content Restructuring and Organization

2. Content Restructuring and Organization

Additional Update or Design Recommendations

3. Additional Update or Design Recommendations

Content Migration to Drupal

4. Content Migration to Drupal

Training and Site Support

5. Staff Training and Site Support Available After Project Completion

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