5 Reasons You Need Corporate Website Headshots

Alliance  ·  March 18, 2020

If your business is looking to portray a professional and relatable image online, including updated corporate photography on your website is a necessary component to include on your website. Here’s why:

Engages an Online Audience

When an audience comes to learn more about your company, they want to develop a feeling that your company is relatable, trustworthy and professional. If your website only includes a text summary about staff members, many individuals won’t take the time to engage and learn more about who you are and how you have served your business. Including a photo above your staff biography helps your audience to associate your brand with a highly professional staff of individuals.

Creates a Professional Brand Image

If a prospective client or employer comes to your website, they want to better understand the staff that makes the day-to-day operations of the business run smoothly. For a prospective client, they are more likely to sign up for a service if they can see that there is a highly professional individual behind this brand. For a prospective employee, having the opportunity to learn more about the staff they may be working with is helpful in determining if this is an organization they can relate to and want to be a part of.

Humanize Your Brand

Incorporating professional headshot photography is a great way to add a human element to your presence online, as it helps build trust with your online audience. They want to see that the business that they are interested in learning more about has professional, driven individuals behind the brand.

Establishes Better Business Connections

Corporate headshots are also important as they help to develop business connections online. When another business engages with a brand \through LinkedIn or Facebook, they are more likely to want to communicate if they see a professional headshot over an iphone image.

Increases Business Revenue

Corporate headshots are worth the financial investment since they can help create better connections with other businesses, prospective clients, or future employers. Corporate headshots are also extremely versatile, and can be used on other marketing materials, such as business or ID cards when attending networking events or trade shows.

Get Professional Custom Headshot Photography Today

Incorporating professional business headshots will help your brand image online. Professional photos help to add a human element to your site, making your business more relatable to visitors online. They also help in developing more business communication as more individuals will view your brand as professional and trustworthy.

Alliance Interactive provides corporate headshot photography to businesses in the Washington DC area. We work closely with our clients to help develop a full corporate image gallery suitable for any website or marketing needs. To learn more about our photography services, contact us here.