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Convert more visitors into customers with our results-driven website redesign services.

Website Redesign

Professional website
redesign services

Our website redesign services are built to attract new leads, engage visitors through thoughtful content presentation, and foster loyalty by showcasing business values and goals.

Did you know a new site can boost your conversion rate by 200% – 400% with a new design interface? If your website isn’t your hardest working marketing tool or isn’t delivering enough leads or sales, it’s time for a website redesign.

website redesign

Our websites rank and
generate results

Our team delivers stunning website designs that not only look great, but are optimized for long-term business success. We provide effective website redesign services that increase site traffic and more effectively engage website visitors.

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Increase revenue and sales opportunities
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Gain brand visibility
  • Convert more leads to sales opportunities
  • Reduce customer attrition
website redesign

Almost 60% of searches
originate from
mobile devices

With a responsive website, your business can improve visitor retention and increase search engine rankings. According to Google, almost 60% of searches are on mobile devices.  Responsive design is no longer an option, it is the standard.

  • Be Accessible on All Devices
  • Increase Website Engagement
  • Improve Search Results
  • Increase Conversion Rate

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Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new website or improve your existing one, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to review your project. What comes next:

  • We review your submission and contact you to learn more about your project.
  • We discuss your more specific goals and requirements.
  • We match you to the right solution.
  • We present a timely proposal that matches your requirements

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Website Support

Lifetime training
and support for your

Once your website redesign launches, we’ll train your team on how to use every facet of the new platform. We provide tech support, marketing advice and key performance analytics. 

Most website redesign projects take bween 12-18 weeks. We keep a watchful eye on your site so it gets the lifetime support it needs to grow and evolve online.

website redesign

Dashboard powered
admin experience

We make site administration easier than ever with powerful Content Management System dashboards. Every project includes personalized training to help your team:

  • Update/add content
  • Access form databases
  • Export reports
  • Creating new pages
  • Add/replace images
  • Manage users
Design & Marketing

Design & marketing

Our full-service team of experts is here to help you with all facets of your marketing needs — strategy, content, SEO, and PPC.

  • Research & Audit
  • Paid Digital Advertising + PPC
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics + Reporting

Integrate the latest technology
in your website

Our digital toolkit gives your website the ability to integrate the latest technology to track
analytics, launch and measure campaigns, and optimize your website for success.

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Web Redesign
Web Redesign
Web Redesign
Web Redesign

6 Website redesign questions
you need to ask

Website redesign projects are no longer just about outward appearance. The need for a website redesign depends on how the business operates and how visitors currently perceive your brand. If you find that visitors are leaving because they can’t find information they are looking for, it might be time to consider a redesign. Your website structure may no longer serve your current customer or may come off as outdated or confusing. Another reason to consider redesign is if your business website requires integration of new communication tools to operate more efficiently. These needs make it necessary to have a website that allows for different functionalities to be integrated, while also effectively engaging your visitors.

The goal of any website is to deliver your content and look great on any mobile device. Due to the increased use of smartphones that contribute more than half of online traffic, responsive design is now considered an industry standard. It is important that your website provide the same user experience across any device.

Through migration to a more powerful CMS platform such as Drupal or WordPress, your business will have access to different content functionalities and methods to measure online growth. These tools can help improve brand image and user experience, allow for implementation of different digital marketing strategies, and provide a flexible platform that allows for scalability as your business continues to grow.

If your website currently is confusing to navigate or has an overly complicated content structure, you risk losing traffic because visitors will have a hard time finding the information they seek. A website redesign allows for important changes to be made to the navigation and page structure that will help visitors quickly find the information they need.

Your business website may currently have a dated look, which can reflect poorly on your business perception and value you can provide. You want your website to serve as a reflection of your current business values and standards, so it might be time to consider updating your website design to reflect this.

Outdated content might be hindering your engagement efforts from everything from sales, donations or lead generation. An effective content presentation can lead visitors to key pages that can increase conversion rates and improve online communication. A well-orchestrated website design also allows for integration of new types of content such as case studies, blogs, success stories, news, testimonials, and much more.

If your website provides a poor user experience, it’s essential to get an idea of who your visitors actually are and what they’re actually doing on your website. Are people visiting the right pages or are they leaving without completing some kind of action? Are your contact forms working as you thought they would? Our website redesign services can help implement these necessary tracking tools that will generate data that can be used to improve conversion rates and ultimately the experience of your visitors.