WordPress Gutenberg Migration

WordPress Gutenberg Migration

WordPress Gutenberg Migration

WordPress 5.0 offers a major change in site administration and content management with the Gutenberg Block Editor. The Editor gives administrators greater ability to customize how content is displayed on their page. Alliance provides WordPress Migration Services that will help you transition your current site pages to function properly under this new editing feature.


What is the Gutenberg Migration?

The latest version of WordPress will now use the Gutenberg Block Editor feature. This change will affect the backend of the WordPress site and how content can be changed or manipulated by administrators. With the new editor, you can add text or photos to the site using different blocks that stack on top of each other to build out the page. Each block allows you to incorporate different functionalities, such as format a block of text, upload an image or gallery, or insert a video clip.

While these functionalities will give WordPress website administrators more creative freedom in their webpage layouts, there is some updating required to format each page to this new content layout.

Get a Website Grade Today

Get a Website Grade Today

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The Gutenberg Interface

The Gutenberg Interface

The Gutenberg Editor is broken into three different sections:

  • Editing toolbar: Save, redo, or preview content changes
  • Content area: Where your text or content will appear
  • Block toolbar: Allows you to adjust the various types of content and media placed throughout the webpage. In order for your current site to use the block editing feature, your website pages will need to be formatted individually when updating.
How Alliance Can Help

How Alliance Can Help

Alliance WordPress Gutenberg Migration Services make it easier than ever. We will eliminate the frustration and time wasted transitioning your webpage content to run under the block editing feature through our update and migration services. We have over 15 years experience migrating website content and will make your transition a quick and simple process, while protecting your site from any data loss.

  • Reliable and Secure WordPress Migration Services
  • Quick Turnaround Time (Around 2-3 Months Average Completion Time for Projects)
  • Multiple Website Backups
  • Employee Training on All New Projects
  • Optional WordPress Managed Hosting and Support after Project Completion
  • 90 Day Guarantee to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Gutenberg Migration Services

  • WordPress Platform Upgrades
  • Multiple Website Backups
  • Safe and Reliable Platform Migration
  • Content Audit and Restructuring
  • Content Migration
  • Content Management Tools
  • Custom CMS Development

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