5 Ways a Website Design Impacts PPC Campaigns

Alliance  ·  May 23, 2020

The focus on pay per click (PPC) and social marketing has been on the rise for over the past decade. A PPC ad is basically paid search marketing done through different media types where you pay an amount when a user clicks the link on your ad. This can be extremely beneficial for developing new leads by driving new traffic to your website and gaining more visibility than competitors or similar organizations. But what impact does a website design have on PPC?

While many businesses are spending large amounts on PPC ads to better drive leads to their website, some fail to realize that they’re driving visitors to websites that weren’t designed for the task. The older the website the more likely it is not updated or performing well, so these businesses are compromising the results of their PPC campaigns. We have some suggestions for areas on your business website design to focus on to most effectively engage your new visitors and get the most from your PPC marketing campaign.

Website Performance

When a new visitor finds your website through a PPC  ad, you have captured their attention about some aspect of your business. However, to keep their attention, you want to make sure all pages on your site are loading efficiently. This is important because approximately 47 percent of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. Poor performance could be one reason your analytic data may show a high bounce rate for your site traffic. A number of areas on your site can impact your performance, so make sure to properly optimize large images, fix any broken links, or remove any content or files that are out of date or no longer relevant to your organization.

Mobile Optimization

Another area you want to take a look at is ensuring your business website is well optimized for mobile. A large portion of your traffic will probably find your PPC ads on a mobile device. However, if the designs and links aren’t properly optimized for a mobile or tablet device, 40 percent of people will switch to a different search result. This is because people want to access information quickly, and a frustrating user experience will drive them away. A well-optimized site will allow a user to easily navigate content and click on any links they find interesting.

Visual Impression

A major area to consider putting some time and investment into is your website design. Many businesses are putting so much effort into advertising and marketing that they often neglect updating their site design as they think it won’t make an impact on new business development. However, 48 percent of people reported that a website’s design is the number one factor in determining the credibility of a business. So if your website looks dated, you may drive away any new leads for your products or services.

You also will want to take a look at your branding on the website to make sure it is modernized and professional. Consider a simplistic, modern website design with properly placed images and not too much text (which could overwhelm a visitor) to most effectively engage your visitors. Your homepage is oftentimes the first place your new visitors will land, so try to use this page to tell your brand’s story and easily direct your visitors to other areas of interest on the site.

Site Responsiveness

In addition to optimizing your website for a mobile device, you want to ensure all areas of the site are properly responsive. This means checking that all forms or fields submit properly and all links register and lead to the correct area of the site. This will ensure your visitors can connect with you, have the ability to ask questions, and find what they need without frustration.

Site is Not Specifically Designed for Lead Generation

Another area that has an impact on your website engagement is the navigation and layout of your website. If the page that is absorbing your PPC traffic isn’t specifically designed to direct that visitor to a call to action, then you can’t expect it to perform well. A generic website will generate generic results.

In addition, if a visitor cannot find the content they are looking for, they may leave, making any effort you put into driving traffic to the site potentially  unprofitable. It’s been shown that around 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. You want to ensure that your website navigation is functional and easy for a new visitor to understand. Consider diving the navigation bar at the top of the site into simple subtopics about your business and then use the drop-down features for more in depth content.

Navigation and Layout

Your Website Support and PPC Marketing Experts

A well-functioning and visually-appealing website will make a difference if your goal is to really engage new users on the site. If you are currently investing in PPC marketing campaigns, be sure to take a look at these different areas to be sure that your website is visually engaging, organized, and well optimized, which will create a positive first impression and establish trust with new visitors. Not sure where to start? Alliance Interactive provides website optimization and PPC marketing services to clients looking to improve online growth. We are a full-service digital agency providing both strategy and support to help determine what areas of your website could be enhanced to improve visitors’ experience.

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