Why is Google Maps Breaking and How to Fix It

Alliance  ·  November 27, 2019

Google Maps made some updates to its billing platform and products in late 2018 to streamline their services (to simplify billing and support) into three core products: Maps, Routes, and Places. This caused some concern for account holders who thought their contact section may not work if they didn’t update their account in time. Below are some steps you can take to get your Google Maps account up and running successfully after these new changes.

You will need an API Key for each website with a Google Maps Account

Once Google changed its Maps platform to function under the three core products, they assigned 18 different APIs to associate with these products. Now, you will need to have a unique API key associated with each of your business websites that uses the Google Maps platform. Some of the websites on the Google Maps platform were grandfathered in and already have an API key associated with them for use on this new pay-as-you-go billing platform. If you experienced difficulty with your account, it could be because your website still needs to be assigned an API key. If you registered for Google Maps prior to June 11, 2018, your site was grandfathered in and should already have an API key associated with it. If you registered after this date, you will need to register an API key, which can be done on the Cloud Platform Console. You can also check if your account has an API Key by adding the Google Maps Checker extension to your web browser.

Your API Key will give you access to the free $200 monthly account credit

Google Maps also announced a pay-as-you-go billing program, which changed the way APIs and certain features are billed. This change to the pricing structure was worrisome for some businesses that haven’t reached a high level of traffic on their site. However, once your account is assigned an API Key, each website is given a $200 credit that should cover a site with lower site traffic for quite some time. Google also lists some ideas on the Google Maps support section for how to best utilize your monthly credit based on your industry. The pay-as-you-go program also gives more flexibility on your account, allowing you to only use as much or little as you need. If you are exceeding your $200 limit, you also need to make sure your billing details are up to date to ensure your account remains active.

Google Maps Assistance

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