Why Most Government Contracting Website Designs in Washington, DC are Underperforming

Alliance  ·  November 26, 2019

When people think of investing time and money into their website, they often think their site needs to sell products directly in order to be worthy of a refresh. In the Government Contracting Website Design space, some companies don’t always recognize the importance of their B2G Marketing website presence. However, a few simple changes made to a Government Contracting Website that can often lead to increased visibility, more onsite inquiries, better brand image, and more contracts in the long run.

Below are a few changes you may want to consider for your Government Contracting Website:

1. No-one is making updates on a regular basis

Consider the last time you made a major refresh or update to your site. Some organizations go years without making any changes to their B2G marketing website, saying, for example, that their business doesn’t come directly from their website, but instead from in-person events such a tradeshow. What they fail to realize is that their website is often the first place someone will go to learn more about what you offer. Try to update your site in such a way that promotes better engagement with a first time visitor.

2. Navigation and homepage updates are missing

Consider updating your homepage to better tell the story of your government contracting business, and provide a small overview of solutions offered. You can also mention new technology you have recently created or future events you will be attending where they can learn more in person. Also, make smaller updates to areas of the site, such as enhancing performance and security, which can help decrease your bounce rate and protect visitor information.

3. Your outdated logo and branding is hurting your image

Take a look at your brand image and logo on your site. Oftentimes we see a brand image that looks dated. This could create a bad impression for new visitors on your Government Contracting Website website. Consider your brand image as a reflection of your business. If you are offering new cutting edge technology or software for example, a sleek and professional logo and website will give your users a more positive impression and will be more inclined to further explore what you currently offer.

4. We don’t have any products for sale directly on the site

We often hear B2G’s argue that because their site does not serve as a retail space to make purchases directly, that it doesn’t make sense to invest capital into updates or improvements. However, a Government Contracting Website does serve a purpose for prospective HR candidates and sub/prime contractors performing due diligence. A Government Contracting Website design that is easy to navigate and gives a clear overview of your market and services will lead to more onsite inquiries and knowledge, as well as a better understanding of what you do. Consider making some updates so your website can become a great resource for your potential clients.

5. We can’t show our government work or our clients on the website

Many B2G industries work with government clients, so for security purposes, they cannot post case studies about who they have helped. But rather than focusing just on who your current clients are, make your site appeal to your new site traffic.

6. The website isn’t optimized the site for actions

Consider optimizing the site to improve your conversion rate, which can be done by guiding individuals to your contact section of the site, creating a landing page asking for their email address, or better promoting the events you attend so they can continue to engage with your business in person.

7. Our clients don’t understand our full range of services

An unorganized webpage can create frustration for users. If they have to dig for information to learn more about what services you offer, it can create an impression that your business is disorganized or they may leave the site completely and go to a competitors site instead. Use your site to outline what products or services you currently offer and provide a clear understanding of your mission and values. This can be done right on the homepage, or you can consider adding a solutions overview page to your site.

8. We’re having difficulty recruiting candidates and our careers page is uninspiring

One other area that many visitors come to your site for is job postings in their field. Often times, the careers section of the website provides a listing of open positions. Consider making some updates to your careers section to better tell the story of your company and why they should consider working with you. Offer information such as any unique benefits offered, a description of what your workplace environment is like, and a feel for what your company culture is (such as team building events or company outings). This will help visitors get a better feel for why they should apply to work with your company over another similar organization.

The Best Features for Government Contractor Website Design:

  • Solutions or Product Overview Page
  • Tradeshow Event Calendar
  • Mission and Values Statement
  • Direct Contact Form or other Calls to Action
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design
  • Simple Navigation Menu
  • Brand Image that Creates a Positive Impression with Target Audience

Increase Sales Leads With A Better Government Contracting Website Design Services with Alliance

There are a variety of different ways to add value to your contracting website. An improved website design that portrays your mission and values will help visitors connect with your brand. Other features, such as organized navigation and responsive design will create a better online experience for new visitors. Alliance works with clients in the B2G Marketing space to create website designs that will improve audience engagement. Our websites are simple to update, and improved content administration allows your website to adapt as your business changes and grows.