8 B2B Website Design Elements that Every Website Should Have

Alliance  ·  November 20, 2019

When creating a content strategy for your B2B website design, your target audience is looking to see how and why you are an expert in your field. The content you create for your B2B website design should be professional, highly detailed, and informative since your customers are often making strategic business decisions of their own. Building a great content strategy will help your audience to establish trust in your business, learn more about your product offerings and industry as a whole, and can help increase site traffic and time spent on your site.

Below are a few ideas of where to get started when creating content for your B2B website:

1. Well Written Case Studies

Incorporating case studies into a B2B website design gives your audience a real life scenario of how your business has effectively provided a solution for your industry. This can help a visitor see where your product or service is useful, and can also make your business seem more relatable and influential.

2. Regular Webinars

Webinars allow your visitors to learn more about important topics in your industry. Webinars are great because they allow you to provide knowledge to a large audience from a single location and drive engagement through questions from participants.

3. An Inspiring Careers Section

Most people often overlook the careers section of their website. Many people come to websites looking for employment within their field or industry. Instead of just providing a list of current positions available, utilize the careers section of your site as an opportunity to give visitors a feel for your company culture, unique benefits, workplace environment, mission, and values.

4. A Site-Wide Alert Bar

Creating a banner across the top of your site is a great way to catch user attention as soon as they enter your site and encourage them to further interact with your content. Some ideas include an alert bar for an upcoming event or webinar, new site wide topic/industry news, or a new job position available.

5. An Easy to Use Events Calendar

Having a calendar of upcoming events, trade shows, or webinars is a great way to get your site’s visitors to see where they can engage in-person with your business or learn more about your industry. Keeping the calendar up to date will also keep your audience coming back to the site to see what industry-related events are coming up each month.

6. Technical Reports and Industry-Related Resource Documents Area

Providing industry-related data keeps your visitors up to date about how your industry might be changing and growing. Visitors will look to you as a trustworthy resource for information and come to your site to search new topics and industry news.

7. Interesting Email Newsletters

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a B2B website is with email. Talking to your audience on a regular basis helps create top-of-mind awareness. Your newsletters should include an engaging headline to help increase your open rate, focus on topics that are relevant, and serve as a reminder to your audience of your industry knowledge.

8. Compelling Original Photography

Creating your own imagery for your site is an effective way to add visual appeal and connect your audience to your brand image. Engaging imagery can also draw visitor attention to new content you create, alert them about upcoming events or ways to be involved, or give them a better representation of the products or services you provide to your industry.

Focus on planning your B2B website content ahead of time so that you can effectively engage with your audience. Providing content on a regular basis will also help improve your search ranking. Finally, searching for trends in your industry or attending industry-related events will provide inspiration for new content so you can keep your visitors up to date and coming back to your site on a regular basis.

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