25+ Best Manufacturing Websites Examples

Alliance  ·  June 08

Best is always a subjective measure- we have assembled the 25 best manufacturing website examples that inspire confidence and generate product interest.

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Best is always a subjective measure- we have assembled the 25 best manufacturing website examples that inspire confidence and generate product interest. Whether it’s great web design, demonstrating expertise or delivering a steady flow of qualified sales flow of visitors interested in their products, these sites do it all.

Just as important- the sales journey need to be taken into account in any new website- according to Pardot research– 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales. That means the due diligence on your product is being conducted through Google searches in the form of educational materials, news, product reviews to help their decision making- even before they fill out a form or pickup a phone.

Manufacturing is a very hands-on industry, it is important that the b2b website design for a business in this industry makes a lasting impression on its visitors by telling the brand’s story.

Many successful manufacturing b2b websites play close attention to imagery to attract the attention of new customers, as well as present their business in a highly engaging and professional way to attract the most qualified individuals for potential applications with their company.

When evaluating your manufacturing website design, you should prioritize the following features to attract and engage new clients:

  • A website is reliable through good performance, security, and simple navigation
  • Responsive design that allows visitors to view services from virtually anywhere  through a desktop, mobile, or tablet device
  • Different types of content to showcase past projects such as project galleries, client case studies and testimonials
  • Inclusion of other engaging online content such as a blog or news section to create industry awareness 
  • Clear outline of  services offered and types of clients you work with
  • Offering “call to action” areas throughout the website, such as “contact us” “click to learn more” or “request a free quote” to help increase conversion rates
  • Elements that better personalize your brand through professional photography, consistent branding and use of video 
  • A full careers page to recruit top talent for your firm that includes executive bios and awards or recognition
  • Inclusion of value statements — competitive advantages, company mission and vision, description of company culture, and employee bios

Security and trust 

Let’s start with the basics of user experience. Having a manufacturing website that performs well and is secure is more important than you think. Both performance and security actually affect search engine rankings, with less secure and poor performing manufacturing websites being ranked lower by search engines. A well built website that loads around two seconds is considered well performing in search engine standards. In terms of security, make sure HTTPS is installed on your website for data protection purposes.

These elements also help create a sense of reliability, which has an overall impact on your brand image. You also want to make sure your website is easy to navigate so visitors can find information they are looking for fairly quickly. 

Responsive Design

A great manufacturing website design for your company needs to be responsive across all devices, like ipads, screens and various phones and today is considered a vital component for website design. Accroding to statistic over 50% of traffic is now on mobile devices.

Now more than ever, people rely on smartphones for browsing the web, and it can be frustrating if you have to zoom in and out to view website content if it is not optimized for smartphone use. Any potential clients that might be accessing your company’s website from a mobile device will need to be able to view important details, like your service page, client reviews or past projects, otherwise they will look elsewhere for other similar businesses. This can contribute to a high bounce rate due to frustration with the website. Responsive design also is a factor in search engine rankings, with well optimized websites ranking higher in search results.

Clear Outline of Your Services and Industries Served

When someone comes to your manufacturing website, you want it to be extremely clear as to what particular industries you serve and services you can offer. Since every manufacturing business has their own levels of expertise and areas of specialization, this will help a new visitor determine if your services are relevant to what they are looking for, and prevent any wasted time searching your website for this information. You also will want to briefly summarize your services on the homepage to help visitors find key information they are looking for relatively quickly.

Content Creation

Manufacturing websites no longer just serve as a place to find contact information or an office location. To compete with similar firms , your manufacturing website should engage visitors online with interesting content that is relative to your industry. Not only does new content help in telling your brand’s story, but it also helps them identify you as a leader in your industry. So what types of content should you include on your manufacturing website? Below are a few examples:

  • Blog posts- could discuss innovations, news, or anything that relates to manufacturing and your field of expertise to show you are a leader in the industry
  • Client testimonials or case studies- testimonials are an essential component of any great website, as they give real life examples of how your company has helped businesses with projects that might be similar to the needs of a prospective client. You may choose to include full case studies to showcase a project from start to finish, or just include a short testimonial statement from the viewpoint of a particular client.
  • Resource section- could include different documents relating to your industry that clients or potential job applicants might find helpful

Call to Action Areas

To improve online conversion rates for your manufacturing company,  you should include “call to action” areas where visitors can further engage with your business. For a manufacturing company specifically, this could include buttons to “request a quote”or “contact a representative.” Inclusion of forms is another great way to improve conversion rates. These forms could have visitors enter contact information and any questions they may have for your manufacturing company. The more information you are able to collect from a visitor, the more opportunity your firm will have for further communication and follow ups with website visitors.

Photography and Video

Manufacturing websites should include great imagery and other media showcase past projects in an engaging and memorable way. Stock photography can look outdated and give less of a personal feel to your company’s website, which may hurt your brand’s image. Video can also be a great way to tell your brand’s story, and you may want to consider including one on your homepage to  provide a snapshot of your projects and executive team.

To better engage qualified applicants to your website, you will also want to include an executive section that includes a short bio and headshot of any top players in your company. This will help applicants understand the company’s visions and values, as well as the overall expertise that your company provides its clients.

Consistent Branding

You want to keep your firm’s online branding consistent throughout your website design. Keep your firm’s logo, website color choices, and content presentation professional and consistent for the best impression online. 

A Full Careers Page

If your manufacturing company is looking to recruit qualified talent, you want to make sure your website includes a detailed careers page. Instead of just listing open positions, make sure to include some information about your company culture and values. This could include photos from corporate events, or even a short statement or video from one of your company’s executives outlining your firm’s mission, vision, and values for the future. You also will want to include benefits of working with your company. Including these types of elements will help you attract applicants that better align with the individual needs of your firm.

Inclusion of Value Statements

It is also important to consider including value statements within your manufacturing companies website design. Value statements help visitors understand your specialities and lines of service, as well as explain why to choose you over a competitor or similar organization. Below are a few examples of value statements you could include in your website design:

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Including Badges of Any Awards Received
  • Employee Bios (Including educational background and experience)
  • Statistics (That support your companies success such as overall projects completed, industries served or years in business)
  • Company culture (What does it look like to work for your business? This can be great for potential applicants for your organization)
  • Company mission and vision statement (What does your manufacturing company hope to accomplish or expand upon in the future? How are you working towards these goals?)

Below are some examples of great manufacturing websites and the features they embody:

1. Pelican


  • Inclusion of landing page for product discount helps improve online conversions

  • Creation of image gallery on homepage helps showcase different products

  • Content featured includes survival stories as an impactful way to present client case studies

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2. Seagate


  • Inclusion of Service Overview right on the homepage
  • Section on industry innovations to diversify from competition
  • Full blog on website
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3. FCX


  • Inclusion of Service Overview right on the homepage
  • Lots of content on homepage for engagement including news releases, presentations and key documents
  • Full careers page
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4. Protolabs


  • Inclusion of Call to Action on homepage to “request a quote”
  • Inclusion of client testimonials and logos of notable brands they have worked with
  • Full resources section
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5. Beechcraft


  • Inclusion of Call to Action on homepage to “contact a sales rep”
  • Great use of product imagery
  • Inclusion of recent twitter social media posts to keep visitors engaged
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6. T-L


  • Video on homepage showcasing their products fully made in the USA
  • Full resources section including news and testimonials from clients
  • Inclusion of social media profile links at the bottom of homepage
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7. Xometry


  • Call to action area to “Get Your Instant Quote”
  • Impact statement on homepage noting that they have over 5,000 suppliers
  • Full resources section available including a blog, case studies and design guides
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8. Stora Enso


  • Full solutions overview right on homepage
  • Inclusion of recent news and notable press releases
  • Links to all social media profiles at the bottom of the homepage
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9. UVify


  • Call to action to “Request a Quote”
  • Inclusion of chat functionality for visitors to have questions answered immediately
  • PR/Newsroom section includes a press kit, videos and company newsletter
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10. Sypris Electronics


  • Section on Markets they serve such as defense, space, medical etc to help visitors find relevant information quickly
  • Full careers page for new applicants
  • Full list of certifications to show their companies experience and credentials
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11. Trinity Rail


  • Great use of video on homepage to tell their brand’s story
  • Full innovation section to showcase their industry positioning
  • Use of statistics to showcase company impact (such as 125,000 total rail cars built)
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12. Lear


  • Use of video to help tell their brands story

  • Full careers section defining company culture and brand’s mission and values

  • Inclusion of newsroom content

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13. Electrical Heat


  • Company bio on homepage stating industries they serve, years of experience and worldwide impact
  • Full product overview
  • List of upcoming events on homepage
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14. Carpenter technology


  • Full innovation section showcasing their results driven manufacturing technology
  • Resource section includes full blog, technical information, videos and case studies
  • Full careers section describes company culture and employee benefits
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15. Text Tech Industries


  • Statement of brand positioning on homepage as the leader in high performance materials
  • Overview of industries served
  • Full resources section available including case studies and a document library
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16. NTS Unitek


  • Includes client testimonial accessible right from the homepage
  • Badges included for business certifications and registrations
  • Full service page breaks down key features and provides links to additional information
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17. Autel Drones


  • Great use of relevant drone imagery to capture visitors attention
  • Summary of notable products and features on homepage
  • Section for technical support and warranty information creates brand reliability and trust in their products
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18. Aero Space


  • Who We Are section provides company insight on mission, vision and values
  • Full blog and client success stories included on website
  • Call to action area to ‘Launch Your Custom Quote”
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19. CAM


  • Value proposition on homepage helps give visitors a sense of the brands mission and values
  • Use of statistics showcases company size, total employees and company divisions
  • Full careers section lists employee benefits and advancement opportunities
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20. Caterpillar


  • Includes links to important business news and updates
  • Features lots of relevant content such as downloadable reports, news and social media updates
  • Great use of relevant imagery to better tell the brand’s story
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21. Velodyne Lidar Solutions


  • Lists most recent news updates right on the homepage
  • Includes logos of notable partners right on the homepage to create trust in their solutions
  • Includes badges of awards received on homepage with call to action to learn more about each award
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22. Tesla Solar Panels


  • Includes full savings calculator feature on website to show value of their solar panel products
  • Includes video showing uses of solar panels and short snippet on installation processes
  • Call to action to buy their solar panels right on the homepage to increase online conversions
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23. Evco


  • Includes interactive map to show all manufacturing locations
  • Includes imagery and outline of industries served with links to learn more
  • Includes call to action area to subscribe to their online newsletter
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24. American Woodmark


  • Inclusion of video on the homepage to demonstrate business processes

  • Full blog includes organization tips and design strategies for homeowners

  • Inclusion of a community service section showcases brand involvement and how they give back to others

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25. Shaklee


  • Inclusion of mission statement right on the homepage helps tell brand’s story

  • Links to product promotions and discounts helps improve online conversions

  • Full blog for tips on healthy living

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26. Willbur- Ellis


  • Includes recent news and updates right on the homepage

  • Full careers section showcases brand mission and values, key hiring areas and employee benefits

  • 100th anniversary section showcases brand impact through a timeline, lessons learned through the years and thoughts for the future

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