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Recruiting teachers for the next generation

For 100 years the DC Public School System has provided career opportunities for its 4,500 school teachers and resources its 116 schools. Join DCPS’s mission is to find passionate teachers to ensure all 50,000 students can reach their full potential.

The Challenge

Serving as the main recruitment arm for DC Public Schools, the Join DCPS website held many pages and videos, yet it lacked organization, navigation, and site structure, as well as inspirational content. Additionally, the DCPS website was missing key information, was not up-to-date, didn’t work on a mobile devices, and didn’t showcase what schools and resources were available to potential teachers.

Another major challenge was that the site was created for teachers only and didn’t provide adequate information such as programs, incentives, or application details for principals or related service professionals.

The Solution

After extensive audience research, data analysis, and in-depth interviews, our team created a digital strategy to provide a streamlined pathway for educators to learn, apply, and join DCPS.

Our team leveraged the power of Drupal 9 and Pantheon’s Cloud Platform to deliver landing pages, videos, and interactive tools designed exclusively to improve converting visitors to applicants.

The new website allows both users and administrators to manage and create new content easily and track and monitor vital key performance indicators.


  • SEO increase in web traffic

    + 679%
  • Increase in page views


Branding Approach


Interactive DCPS Schools Map

Alliance designed an interactive map to visualize the 116 DC Public Schools to prospective teachers. The tool helps identify schools by teaching incentives clusters, ward, and school type.


Responsive Design

To ensure an impactful web experience, the new website is fully responsive to any device, operating system or screen. It looks and works great on desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

Our Work

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