12 Best Layouts for
Media and Press Pages

Alliance  ·  March 05, 2021

A press page is also a great way to showcase all the places where you have been featured both on and offline, which can build trust and credibility with your online audience.

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Let’s say the media has taken notice of your products and services. Your business just wrapped up a new marketing campaign for a recent product launch and you were featured in a story by a well known news outlet. 

While this brand recognition is great for your business, you want to make sure you capitalize on it with a great press page, or all your marketing efforts may go to waste. Without a press page, other media or PR personnel might not be able to easily get in touch with you for media coverage opportunities. 

A press page is also a great way to showcase all the places where you have been featured both on and offline, which can build trust and credibility with your online audience. In this article, we will showcase some great examples of press pages we love to provide some inspiration for your next promotional effort.

What is a press page?

Before diving into some awesome examples of press releases, we first want to define what one is exactly. A press page is a specific page located on your website that showcases different instances where your business has been featured both on and offline. This could include any of the following instances:

  • Articles where your business was mentioned
  • Posts on other websites mentioning your business
  • Promotion of your business on social media
  • Publications featuring your products and services
  • Awards your business has received 
  • Promotion of your business through local events or other media

Why include a press page on your website?

Creating a press page on your website can serve many functions such as: 

  • Improving your businesses search engine rankings through any external linking within the page
  • Improving brand loyalty and trust by showcasing positive reviews of your business through third party sources
  • Serving as an accurate reflection of your brands services and customer experience
  • Improving chances of being featured in other promotional opportunities from journalists and PR experts
  • Driving new business leads and introductions to your business for new clients

A few key features of a great press page include:

  • Contact information for your media/marketing team
  • A bit of background about your company, including your impact, vision, and values
  • Highlights from well known media coverage
  • Section to highlight any awards received
  • Downloadable media kit if you have one

Below are some great examples of press pages
we love and the features they embody:


Toast Tab Press Room

  • Great content organization and eye catching layout
  • Downloadable media kit
  • Separation of both news coverage and press releases
  • News coverage section features identifiable logos of major news outlets
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  • Full newsroom separated by blogs, press releases, and news
  • Press releases feature relatable imagery above each post
  • Most relevant content featured towards the top of the page
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  • Provides real-time statistics showcasing growth of the number of active reddit users and online communities
  • Webpage includes link to contact press release time directly
  • Includes short testimonials section with feedback from well known media outlets
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Lucid Motors

  • Inclusion of media contact information at the top of the press release page
  • Fully downloadable press kit
  • Simple and modern styling of press release page that accurately reflects the brand’s image
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  • Full search functionality for different news, documents, and videos within press release page
  • News categorized by market type
  • Call to action area to subscribe for the latest company news
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CNN Pressroom

  • Links to social media accounts on pressroom page
  • Call to action areas to subscribe to pressroom announcements
  • Use of engaging headers, imagery, and short overviews of individual pressroom content for good visitor engagement
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  • Call to action area to subscribe for product updates
  • Fully downloadable media kit
  • Media contact information available directly on the website
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  • Full media contact section
  • Full media resource section including general information, highlights, and executive biographies
  • Inclusion of image gallery
  • Call to action areas for email subscriptions and following on social channels
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  • PR team email and phone number at top of the page
  • Ability to filter content by press release, news coverage, data and research, and other important documents
  • Logos from awards received featured on press release page
  • Call to action area for free trial located at the bottom of the website
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  • Inclusion of mission and value statement on press release page
  • Real time statistics featuring the number of active users and mobile applications developed by their company
  • Rotating banner of news outlets featuring their companies products
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  • Inclusion of media contact information for global team
  • Inclusion of real time statistics featuring active buyers and sellers, items for sale, and products sold to showcase growth of the company
  • Inclusion of both blog and press release content for better visitor engagement
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American Express

  • Ability to filter all press content by date and location
  • Inclusion of all contact information for entire media team
  • Call to action area to have media alerts delivered right to a visitors inbox
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