5 Fresh Blog Topics That Drive B2B Website Traffic

Alliance  ·  July 05, 2020

B2B blogs e an effective content marketing strategy for improving lead generation and engaging new visitors with useful information. Did you know B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those without?

What are the benefits for starting a blog for my business?

Blogging has quickly become an effective content marketing strategy for businesses. Unlike advertising or other direct marketing methods, blogging is an inexpensive way for a business to drive website traffic through search engines, enhance their marketing strategy, and build trust in their brand, which can help them increase sales over the long term. Blogging can help to build real relationships with long-term customers, and is fairly easy to integrate into an existing website.

    • Improves rankings for search engine optimization
    • Develops trust and builds relationships with website visitors
    • Increases lead generation through new traffic from individuals that find your business through your blog
    • Increases communication throughout your website and connects individuals to your brand
    • Improves click through rate and time spent visiting a website
    • Posts are easily shareable with others
    • Can improve brand positioning and establish your business as an

      industry leaderB2B Blog Ideas

Below are some ideas for posts to get you started on your blogging journey:

1. Case Study Oriented Blog Posts

Has your business provided an amazing business experience recently? One idea for a blog topic for b2b companies is a case study driven post. In order to establish trust with high level business executives, a case study serves as a powerful explanation of the impact your brand has created within the community. Case studies include factual information regarding your clients experience with your product and customer service, making them a credible resource when leads are searching your website for information about your company.

2. Leadership Driven Posts

If your b2b organization wants to establish themselves in your industry, leadership driven posts are a great way to stand out among your competitors. Leadership driven posts show that your business is ahead of the game when it comes to the latest topics, and are great for informing your audience about what is new or exciting within your space. Some ideas for leadership driven posts include industry innovations, news and media recaps, discussion of upcoming events, or discussions that show off your expertise in a particular field.

3. Posts That Explain The Process Behind Your Product or Service

Blog posts that help explain why your business does something in a particular way can be helpful for decision makers that want to better understand your product or service. Process posts are a great way to show the value your business provides (such as the level of involvement throughout a project or benefits of working with your business). Process posts also give visitors a sense of how your business operates as a whole and the teamwork behind your brand to deliver the best possible service.

4. Keyword Oriented Posts

Keyword posts are helpful for b2b brands when it comes to driving new leads to their website. Posts that include frequent use of specific keywords help improve search rankings as well as conversion rate since they specifically relate to topics that leads are interested in learning more about.

5. Data Oriented Posts

The clients that b2b organizations work with are highly professional, so they love posts that include facts to back up an opinion about a topic. Data oriented posts are often seen as more reliable, which is important for building a high level of trust for your brand. Since data driven posts require a bit more research, they are seen as highly informative and interesting (which may encourage visitors to share your posts among colleagues or existing partners).

How do I begin blogging?

First step to starting a blog would be to add a blog to your website. If not, you may need to seek assistance from a developer that can integrate a blog into your existing website (for development assistance, click here).

Once your blog has been setup, you then want to develop a content strategy and calendar on how often you will post. Your blog is likely to be more successful if you post on a consistent basis. Google improves search rankings for businesses that put out frequent content on a regular basis. You also are more likely to have individuals return to your website to check out your posts if your blog is up to date with relevant information for them to check out.

How Long Should B2B Blog Posts Be?

In terms of length of your posts, we would recommend quality over quantity. Google tends to favor blog posts that are around 2,000 words. You also want to include keywords throughout your posts that relate to your business and want to rank well for. When it comes to keywords, it is actually better to incorporate more long-tail keywords into your blog, as the average Google search is around four keywords and likely less competitive than one or two keyword searches.

Writing Blog Posts for B2B Organizations

Unlike the B2C market, b2b organizations have a longer sales process so it takes time to establish a high level of trust within your brand. B2B organizations also market to high level executives and decision makers, so they need to keep blog posts informative and use a professional tone of voice. B2B organizations will also see good success by sharing their posts across social platforms such as LinkedIn, allowing them to connect with multiple decision makers that are involved when it comes to developing a partnership.

Need help developing blog content?

Blogging is a great way for b2b companies to build trust with their visitors, helping to establish themselves as a leader within their industry. Some ideas for blog posts for b2b companies include data driven posts, keyword oriented posts, case studies, process posts and leadership driven posts. Producing well written blog posts on a consistent basis can also help improve search rankings and visitor returns to a website.

Since blogging can be a time consuming process, Alliance Interactive offers content marketing services that help your business build your brand. We work with many clients throughout the b2b space, and have the expertise to develop informative content that is optimized for search engine readability. Our content development process involves a deep level of understanding your individual business needs and goals, as well as a period of research and competitive analysis to develop the proper content strategy for your brand.

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