18 Best B2B Website Design Examples

Alliance  ·  October 19, 2020

Looking to convert your website visitors into clients? We’ve
created a list of the top B2B website designs to give you a bit
of inspiration for some updates.

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B2B website design has seen some big changes throughout the years. Not only has the need for a responsive design become important, but businesses must take into consideration how their website can help improve search rankings and guide a visitor through the sales process. Some factors that can help improve a B2B website design include:

  • A well performing and secure website
  • Responsive design that looks great across any mobile or tablet device
  • Offering different types of content to engage visitors-such as blog article, news section, white papers, case studies and other resources
  • Offering “call to action” areas throughout a website such as “request a demo” or “signup for our newsletter” to help increase conversion rates
  • Compelling visuals such as photography and video
  • Inclusion of value statements — competitive advantages, company mission and vision, description of company culture

Performance and Security

Having a B2B website that performs well and is secure is more important than you think. Both performance and security actually affects search engine rankings, with less secure and poor performing websites being ranked lower by search engines. A website that loads around two seconds is considered well performing. In terms of security, make sure HTTPS is installed on your website for data protection purposes.

Responsive Design

Having a B2B website design that is responsive across all devices is considered an important component for website design. Now more than ever, people rely on smartphones for browsing the web, and it can be frustrating if you have to zoom in and out to view website content if it is not optimized for smartphone use. This can contribute to a high bounce rate due to frustration with the website. Responsive design is also a factor in search engine rankings, with well optimized websites ranking higher in search results.

Content Creation 

A good B2B website will engage visitors through content as a way to educate and guide them through the sales process. In order to compete with similar businesses, your B2B website should include new content that is created on a regular basis. Not only does new content help in telling your brand’s story, but keeps a visitor exploring your website for longer periods of time. So what types of content should you include in your B2B website? Below are a few examples:

  • Blog posts (could discuss different topics such as innovations in your industry, event recaps, discussion of new products or services, company culture)
  • Client testimonials or case studies (these allow visitors to understand how your product or service helped clients overcome different types of challenges through your solutions. Also adds an aspect of relatability to your website.)
  • Resource section (could include different documents relating to your industry, such as white papers and other important documents)
  • Webinars
  • Video or media gallery
  • Social media (gives a more personal communication opportunity with visitors and away to share content)

Call to Action Areas

In order to improve conversion rates on a B2B website, you should include “call to action” areas where visitors can further engage with your business. For a B2B website, this could include buttons to “request a demo”, “request more information”, or talk with a specialist. Inclusion of forms is another great way to improve conversion rates. These forms could have visitors enter contact information and any questions they may have regarding your product. The more information you are able to collect from a visitor, the more opportunity your B2B business will have for further communication with the individual.

Photography and Video

B2B websites should include great imagery and other media in order to capture the attention of your visitors. Stock photography can look outdated and gives less of a personal feel to your business website. Instead, consider having professional photos taken of your office location, products and services, and staff to give a more personalized and professional feel to your website. Including video can also be a great way to educate your audience and demonstrate the advantages of your products or services. 

Inclusion of Value Statements

It is also important to consider including value statements within your B2B website. Value statements help visitors understand how your B2B business can help them and maybe why they should choose you over another business that offers a similar solution. Below are a few examples of value statements you could include in your B2B website:

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Employee Bios (maybe include experience working in the field)
  • Statistics (examples might include total projects completed, regions you have worked in, industries served etc)
  • Company culture (what does it look like to work for your business in terms of office life? This can be great for potential applicants)
  • Company mission and vision statement (What does your business hope to accomplish? How are you working towards these goals?)

Here are several examples of strong B2B websites that embody these features. 

Here are several examples of strong B2B websites
that embody these features.

1. Fidelis Security

Fidelis Security offers threat detection and response technology to government clients. Fidelis boasts a website that is simple to navigate and offers a multitude of different resources and content for visitors to explore and learn more about their product. The Fidelis website allows visitors to hover over different topics on the navigation bar, such as products and services, and then click what they would like to learn more about. Whether you are a visual person or learn better by listening, the Fidelis Resource Center offers something for everyone. The Resource Center includes different types of content such as podcasts, case studies, webinars, workshops, articles, and more. Offering content on a frequent basis is great for search rankings and also keeps visitors returning to the website knowing there is something new for them to learn more about. Visit site

2. Rollpark

Rollpark is a commercial parking municipality that offers GeoTextile parking garage options for airports, universities, auto manufacturers, and more. The website displays statistics that support the product’s advantages such as cost reductions, durability, reduced construction time, and environmental advantages. The Rollpark website also incorporates statistics throughout their case study section which give visitors a glimpse of how they have helped clients overcome different challenges and their different product uses. Visit site

3. Beamery

Beamery is an HR recruitment company that offers technology solutions to help companies attract the right type of talent. The company offers services in three different areas of recruitment — attracting, engaging, and retaining talent. By hovering over the platform you can explore an overview and details on each type of service, which keeps things organized and visitors can find the information they need quickly. The Beamery website also includes a blog section to further discuss topics such as the advantages of data platforms in the recruitment space, company awards, and more. Visit site

4. Imperva

Imperva is a data protection solutions provider built on a multi-cloud platform to protect apps and databases. The Imperva website offers the ability to request a demo right from the website, which can help improve conversion rate and engagement for first time visitors. The Imperva website also creates trust in their brand through use of statistics that give a glimpse of types of customers served and global rankings. Customers also have the ability to get product support and training right from their website which is highlighted in one of the headings and the top of the website. Visit site

5. Zoovu

Zoovu offers businesses digital marketing services that optimize buying behavior through AI technology. The Zoovu website offers an instant demo option at the top of the website so customers can view how the product works as soon as they enter the website. Zoovu also showcases familiar brands that they have worked with right on the homepage (such as Amazon, Spotify and Bose) which is great for developing trust in the product. Visit site

6. HireLevel

HireLevel is a recruitment services agency that can offer a database of applicants and match businesses with top talent. Since HireLevel works with two types of customers, candidates and employers, they ensure that the website is user friendly and guides each type of visitor to the information that they need. HireLevel also incorporates a virtual chat function on their website to help answer any immediate questions that an employer or candidate may have about their services. HireLevel also demonstrates real time application of their services through content sharing on a business blog. Visit site

7. IPA Global

Independent Project Analysis (IPA) offers services to help maximize return on capital investment. Since IPA is a highly complex organization offering a number of different services, the homepage incorporates a drop down menu allowing visitors to explore each service individually to avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information. The IPA homepage also utilizes a statistics panel to show their total number of completed projects, companies they have worked with, countries they have served, and more. The IPA website is also heavily focused on educating visitors and offers a full resource section that allows visitors to filter content by topic, date range, and region. Visit site

8. Fooda

Fooda offers food delivery services (such as pop up restaurants and catering services) to businesses by partnering with local restaurants. The Fooda website displays competitive advantages of their services right on the homepage so visitors immediately understand their convenience, food variety, and attention to health through ingredient choice and dietary customizations. Fooda also offers a case study section on their website, allowing visitors to have a glimpse of customer experiences and brands they have worked with. Visit site

9. Zencity

Zencity offers data driven technology solutions to government clients through the use of AI technology. Zencity focuses its website on educating customers about how their products help clients collect, analyze, and understand different data points for practical application in their business. We also appreciate that Zencity offers visitors a variety of different types of content, including a blog, consumer reports, and press releases, so they can better understand how the product has helped others through real time scenarios. Visit site

10. Weitz

Weitz is a top-level contracting business offering clients services for design and construction. The Weitz website offers a comprehensive project gallery, allowing visitors to filter projects by location, type, and sector. We also like that the Weitz website offers an expertise section which breaks down their experience working in different sectors of construction such as commercial, industrial, and international. For each sector, visitors can then view more information such as statistics for the number of completed projects, information on individual solutions, and a full portfolio. Visit site

11. Targit

Targit offers businesses an analytics platform that allows them to track real time metrics and make better business decisions. One thing that we really appreciate about the Targit website is the value statement that they make on the ‘Why Targit’ tab. Targit explains the competitive advantage their product offers over other analytics tracking systems — fast implementation, security, total business ownership, and experience working with a multitude of different industries. Adding a value statement is important for new website visitors as it allows them to understand what you offer and how you see your business as different from your competition. Targit also offers a full resource section on their website that includes case studies, a business blog, webinars, videos, and more. Offering your visitors a resource section allows them to better connect with your brand through increased time spent on the website engaging with your content. Visit site

12. Bizzabo

Bizzabo offers businesses a single platform for in-person virtual and hybrid events. The Bizzabo website does a nice job of providing areas of ‘asks’ to improve conversion rate. For example, as soon as a visitor enters the Bizzabo website, they can enter their contact information to ‘request a demo’. At the top banner on the website, there is also an ask to ‘register now’ for a virtual conference they are hosting. By offering areas throughout a website that ask visitors to enter their information, businesses are able to improve conversion rates and are more likely to turn visitors into customers through increased opportunities for communication. We also appreciate that the Bizzabo website includes a small awards section on their homepage that can help in developing trust in a brand. Visit site

13. SiSense

SiSense offers businesses a powerful analytics platform to help simplify and better understand complex data. Right when you enter the SiSense website, a landing page pops up offering visitors the option to “Request a Demo”. Landing pages are another great way to improve conversion rates since they immediately capture the attention of a new visitor as soon as they enter a website. SiSense also does a nice job cultivating trust in their product through the way they have structured their navigation bar. Visitors are able to first view the platform and solutions to learn about the product. Then, customers are asked again to request a demo or view some of the resources they offer as a way to further explore the site. This is an intelligent way to guide them through the sales process as they first educate about their product, convert the visitor through a demo request, then further engage through exploration of content such as articles, white papers, case studies, and more. Visit site

14. Fuze

Fuze offers businesses a cloud based communication platform that allows their workforce to work from home. The Fuze website does a nice job of explaining their product right from the homepage through a video showing the products features, as well as breaking down the main uses of the product. We also like that Fuze included a statistics bar showing in real time what their global reach is, the number of websites deployed for their customers, total number of product users, and more. Statistics are a great way for visitors to get a quick understanding of your business expertise and customer base to help develop trust in the brand. Visit site

15. Lear

Lear is a global automotive technology company that offers in-vehicle simulation experiences to customers around the world. The Lear website really focuses on content and visitor engagement by offering up-to-date news and updates right on the homepage. The Lear website also does a great job focusing a portion of its efforts on a careers section of the website. Instead of just listing open positions, potential applicants can get a glimpse of the company’s culture, view employee testimonials, and learn how Lear embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Including a well-built careers section on a website helps visitors better understand why they should work with you and whether they align well with your company’s values and culture. Visit site

16. Volant Associates

Volant Associates offers IT Solutions to government clients. Volant Associates offers an immediate value statement as soon as you enter the website homepage as a way to educate new visitors about what they can offer. Volant also guides visitors right to the case study section through their homepage so they can learn more about real time application of the use of their product. Case studies are a great way to showcase how your solutions have helped clients overcome their business challenges. Case studies can also help show how your business takes each individual client’s needs into consideration when developing their solution instead of offering a one size fits all approach. Volant offers a “Who We Serve” section on their website that gives visitors a glimpse into the types of clients they work with, competitive advantages of their product, and recent awards the company has won through their service approach. Visit site

17. Worley

Worley delivers engineering, energy, and construction innovations to a variety of global markets. Since Worley is a multi-business company, they do a nice job organizing their different service offerings such as energy, mining, and infrastructure on a webpage and then allowing visitors to click and learn more about the services they have interest in. Worley also offers a full project gallery and case study section under the “Our Work” tab and really focuses the page on industry innovations to help separate their services from competitors. Visit site

18. Cloud Passage

CloudPassage offers businesses a unified cloud security solution that eliminates the need for multiple products or additional integrations from other vendors. CloudPassage heavily focuses their website on product education. They first guide visitors through a product overview and competitive advantages, and then provide more detailed information about security cloud service and integrations. We also appreciate the company section on the website which breaks down leadership, company values, and career opportunities so visitors can learn not just about the product itself, but the company culture and faces behind the brand. CloudPassage also offers a detailed resource section that can be filtered by resource type (case study, white paper, eBook etc), product type, or application. Visit site

Many B2B businesses have websites that are outdated, slow loading and unengaging. By taking your B2B website a step further and making it a better tool for communication through thoughtful website design, you can help increase new business leads and generate more revenue long term.

Each of the B2B websites mentioned in this article focus not only on great design and a user friendly experience, but they incorporate features that take it a step above other simpler B2B websites. By using some of the techniques mentioned throughout the article, such as new content creation, website optimization, better visuals and a more organized sitemap, your B2B website can create more engaging online experience.