Best Attorney Bio Page Designs for Law Firms

Alliance  ·  June 03, 2021

In our collection we rounded up 21 of the best attorney bio pages for law firms to serve as inspiration for your website.

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Looking to attract new clients to your law firm’s website? An attorney bio page for your staff and partners is a great way to make a lasting impression on new visitors by showcasing your firm’s biggest asset- your people.

Since attorney bios page is probably one of the most visited type of pages on your law firms website, you will want to make sure it helps build immediate personal connections with your visitors through well thought out summaries for your attorney’s. In this article, we will discuss the features that make a great attorney bio, as well as share some awesome examples to serve as inspiration for your law firm website.

What makes a great attorney bio?

The purpose of a a great attorney bio page is to help build trust and credibility in your firm. The bio page serves as a short overview to tell a visitor exactly what your firm does, areas of practice, and the impact you have made on others. A well crafted bio will allow you to stand out among competitors and serve as the foundation for your firm’s brand image.

An attorney bio gives details about a specific individual working for your business. The personal bio will highlight an individual’s personal experience and years served within your firm, specific areas of practice, as well as any notable achievements or awards received. Showcasing the expertise of the people that make up the business gives greater credibility to your brand.

Attorney bios are also one of the most visited pages of a website besides the home page. Therefore, it is important to make sure your bios provide the most accurate and up to date information for individuals that work for your business.

You will want to avoid a bio that is too lengthy, as it might deter visitors from reading all the information. Instead, keep your bio concise and use statements of impact. You also want your bio to tell a story by showing how different attorneys and members of your team have helped resolve issues for previous clients. Always keep your target audience in mind when writing each bio by including statements that will resonate with them.

 Some features that are important to include in each of your bios on your firm’s website include:

  • A headshot of the individual
  • Job title
  • Short statement on industry experience and years served at the company
  • Location of the individual (if your firm has multiple locations)
  • Areas of practice (especially if your firm serves a variety of industries)
  • Inclusion of personal responsibilities and leadership 
  • Describe the personal impact they have had on the company
  • Highlight notable clients the individual has helped or cases won 
  • Links to any relevant case studies that involve their work
  • Include individual achievements and awards received
  • Back up any personal claims made with facts and statistics 
  • Describe the individual’s personal values and vision for the company 
  • Include links to professional social media profiles such as LinkedIn
  • Call to action area to email the individual or firm for assistance

Below are some examples of great bios and the features they embody:


Kasowitz Benson Torres


  • Inclusion of video to give overview of people working at the firm
  • Contact information, role, and location provided for each individual
  • Areas of practice
  • Links to relevant case studies that pertain to the individual at the firm
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Bronstein and Carmona


  • Inclusion of personal headshot and contact details
  • Detailed overview of educational background and experience in law
  • Short statement of family life and area of residence to add a more personal feel to the page
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Hodgson Russ LLP


  • Inclusion of contact details and headshot
  • Overview of practices and industries with links to more information about each of these on the website
  • Links to key presentations, news, and affiliations for the individual
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Miller Thomson Law Firm


  • Includes contact information as well as personal links to Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Notes professional achievements and individual leadership
  • Includes professional memberships as appropriate
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Tremain Artaza


  • Includes badges for notable awards received
  • Includes link to client reviews for the individual
  • Full list of speaking engagements 
  • Call to action area to book a consultation
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Chart House Lawyers


  • Uses personal voice of the associate to give some detail about their education background and professional experience
  • Includes testimonials regarding the individuals feedback from clients
  • Short sentence regarding home town and family life gives some personalization to the page
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Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & Loturco LLP


  • Includes detailed summary discussing personal experience and educational background in a storytelling format
  • Includes additional links to credentials, notable work, and practice areas
  • Includes link to LinkedIn page
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Barr and Young Attorneys


  • Includes badges of any personal awards received 
  • Outlines practice areas and education 
  • Includes links to publications written by the individual
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Logan Utah Intellectual Property


  • Includes details about firm’s vision for its clients 
  • Call to action area to connect with an executive
  • Summarizes professional experience using a concise bulleted list
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JG Law


  • Includes links to employee email address and linked in page
  • Includes list of all practice areas he specializes in
  • Detailed list summarizing key areas of expertise and expirence
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Pillsbury Law


  • Great visual use of testimonials to catch attention of visitors
  • Detailed representative experience overview to build trust in the services provided
  • Short summary of professional highlights
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Kaiser Dillon PLLC


  • Great use of imagery to capture visitors attention
  • Includes badges for awards received
  • Uses storytelling format to highlight key areas of focus, accomplishments, and professional experience
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  • Includes link to fully downloadable pdf of the individual’s personal bio
  • Summary of individual’s primary focus and experience
  • Summary of recent speaking engagements
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Hogan Marren Babbo and Rose


  • Segments practice areas with links to these pages on the firm’s website for further details
  • Good use of professional imagery to fill the page
  • Separate tabs with links to individual’s education, affiliations and publications
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Malloy Law Firm


  • Includes full listing of awards recieved and badges associated with them
  • Bio includes background of cases handled and level of expertise at different types of courts
  • Includes call to action link to request a consultation
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Friedlander Misler


  • Good use of headshot imagery as well as a background of their office building to add visual interest
  • Short bio summarizing professional experience and clients represented
  • Uses bullets to highlight practice areas and education
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Hoffman Hoffman


  • Includes badges of awards received
  • Uses bullets to summarize education, awards, and affiliations
  • Short bio includes content summarizing how they became interested in current areas of practice
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Hinkle Law Firm


  • Includes links to presentations, publications, and individual honors
  • Good use of imagery: includes headshot plus background image of office building
  • Fully downloadable pdf of individual bio
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Stevens Weaver Miller


  • Includes links to download or email personal bio
  • Summarizes key practice areas, education, and affiliations
  • Includes links to relevant publications or news including the individual
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Y Law Group


  • Short statement of awards and recognitions in first paragraph as an impact statement
  • Includes badges of awards received
  • Discusses both individual and overall success of the firm within the bio
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JP Firm


  • Includes links to articles, news, and blog posts featuring the individual
  • Includes badges of awards received
  • Short summary of distinctions during professional career
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