Best Website Widgets to Improve Your Site

Alliance  ·  June 28, 2021

Website functionality plays a key role in how a user will interact with your website.  While a website’s layout and content presentation are also important, a website with good functionality will improve user engagement, which can help with improving key metrics such as conversion rate. A website design with limited functionality may be due to the use of a template layout structure, or maybe functionality just hasn’t been prioritized within the website design. This is when the use of website widgets can come in handy. In this article, we will discuss some awesome website widgets to consider integrating into your website design and the features they offer. 

What Is A Website Widget?

A website widget is an application that is integrated as an element of a third party website to improve its functional capabilities. A widget will run as part of the process of its hosting website. Both the providers and users of a widget find them to be convenient tools. Each widget serves different functional purposes, and most don’t require a great amount of technical expertise to integrate. Some widgets are also specifically designed for mobile users to improve the function of a website on smaller portable devices.

The purpose of a widget is to help improve user experience and engagement with a website. Some widgets are also used for advertising purposes, and can help attract new traffic through better online visibility.  Widgets usually appear in the form of a pop up window or box, serving as a reminder to the user that they are available for their convenience.

Why Improve Your Website’s Functionality Through the Use of Widgets?

  • Improved user experience
  • Increase engagement time online
  • Increase onsite conversions
  • Collect data on visitor activities
  • Improve website visibility and increase online traffic
  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve sales processes
  • Increase communication response times
  • Increase social sharing 
  • Better showcase goods and services

Widgets by Category


Widgets that improve business communication will allow users to get questions answered in a quick and timely manner, or get the support they need if they are experiencing any technical issues with a website.


LiveAgent is a customer service widget designed to improve communication response times. A variety of different communication features can easily be added to a website using LiveAgent, such as live chat functionality, advanced ticketing for IT questions/concerns, and built-in call center software. LiveAgent offers a 14 day free trial, and pricing starts at just $15/month.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is another awesome widget for improving business communication with customers. This widget is WordPress compatible, and offers free chat functionality for up to three employees. The chat function also will send a contact form directly to the customer if no employee is available at the time to answer questions directly. Tidio also offers chatbot functionality to improve customer service response times by directing users to information or webpages they need. Tidio does offer a free plan, and pricing starts at just $18/month for paid plans.

Lead Generation

Lead generation widgets are designed to help businesses improve their sales strategy by increasing their sales database. Lead generation widgets will help in collecting valuable contact data from potential customers, so businesses can improve their marketing and sales strategy to these new leads.


Dzinga is a lead generation widget with automated callback features to help you keep visitors’ attention. The widget will provide an automated call back response time by having them enter their phone number into the system. The widget also has smart capabilities and will only appear when a visitor has engaged with your website for a certain period of time, so you only spend your time selling to qualified leads. Dzinga offers a 30 day free trial, and pricing starts at just $16/month.


GetResponse is a lead generation widget designed for WordPress websites that allows businesses to add visitors to their contact list, easily update contact information, and track data about each individual website visit to help improve their online sales strategy. GetResponse allows businesses to easily integrate lead generation forms and popups for visitors to leave important contact information such as email address, phone number, physical address, and more. The basic plan for 1,000 contacts starts at a low price of just $15/month.

Social Media Sharing

Social sharing widgets are a great way for businesses to improve word of mouth advertising and their content marketing strategy. By allowing visitors to better interact with social posts, it also will add a more personable feel to your business and help develop trust in your brand.


AddThis was designed for businesses to increase engagement levels on social media posts to help drive more traffic, grow their user base, and develop a higher level of brand awareness. AddThis offers one click social media sharing options on over 200 different platforms. Improve lead generation through one click following, link promotion, and email list building. AddThis offers both free and paid plans with varying levels of customer support.

Calendars and Booking Agents

Scheduling and booking widgets allow visitors to stay on top of business activities, events, and announcements through a calendar with scheduling  features or a reminder system. These types of widgets are also great for service based businesses that run by appointments or use online ordering, allowing visitors to easily select a time slot or order directly from a website online.


Calendly is an online scheduling widget that allows businesses to easily set up meetings or set up appointments with visitors. The on-demand scheduling feature allows visitors to book an online appointment in just a few clicks to help reduce cancellations and avoid the inconvenience of phone calls. The business plan starts at just $8/month and includes a personalized booking link, mobile app features, and unlimited meeting scheduling.

Google Calendar Widget

The Google Calendar widget allows business owners to keep scheduling and business activity all in one place. Since many are already using Google Calendar to keep track of business meetings and reminders, including the Google Calendar widget into your website will also provide the added convenience of online scheduling for your visitors so everything stays organized all in one place. This application can also be used for mobile devices.

Email Marketing Widgets

Email marketing widgets are a great way for businesses to improve brand awareness and communication strategy with visitors, which can help increase sales in the long run. These types of widgets help collect email contact information, which can later be used for email marketing campaigns.


MailChimp offers an email signup widget that can easily be integrated into your website. The widget will generate a popup form for website visitors to collect their email address and other important contact information.


GoDaddy offers an email marketing widget that is compatible with WordPress websites. Simply integrate the widget online, and it will create an auto-generated email signup form for your website visitors.

Image Widgets

Image widgets are helpful for businesses that incorporate a lot of images into their website. Image widgets can help improve image upload times, post images to social networks, create image slideshows, and more.

Elfsight Photo Gallery

Elfsight is a responsive photo gallery widget designed to help businesses improve user engagement and increase sales online. The Elfsight widget will allow you to create custom online photo galleries, showcase products, services and business locations, and upload imagery into pre-chosen layout options. Elfsight offers a free lite version, which includes 200 views and works for one website design.


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