The Best Website Bio Pages & Design Examples

Alliance  ·  May 21, 2021

Why are “about me” bio pages so important to include on your website? These best website bio pages can help build connections with visitors.

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Why are “about me” bio pages so important to include on your website? Including a personal website bio page on your site helps to build immediate personal connections with your visitors. In this article, we will discuss the features that make a great “about me” bio, as well as share some awesome website design examples to serve as inspiration for your next site upgrade or project.

What content makes the best website bio page?

The purpose of a website bio page is to help build trust and credibility in your brand. The bio serves as a short overview to tell a visitor exactly what you do, who you serve, and the impact you have made on others. A well crafted “about me” bio will allow you to stand out among competitors and serve as the foundation for your brand image.

A personal bio gives details about a specific individual working for your business. The personal bio will highlight an individual’s personal experience and years served within your company, as well as any notable achievements or awards received. Showcasing the expertise of the people that make up the business gives greater credibility to your brand.

Website bios often tend to be one of the most visited pages of a website besides the home page. Therefore, it is important to make sure your bio provides the most accurate and up to date information for any notable individuals that work for your business.

You will want to avoid a bio that is too lengthy, as it might deter visitors from fully reading all the information. Instead, keep your bio concise and use statements of impact. You also want your bio to tell a story by showing how different members of your team have helped resolve issues in the past for previous clients. Always keep your target audience in mind when writing each bio by including statements that will resonate with them.

 Some features that are important to include in each of your bios are:

  • A headshot of the individual
  • Short statement on industry experience and years served at the company
  • Inclusion of personal responsibilities and leadership 
  • Describe the personal impact they have had on the company 
  • Showcase specific areas of expertise
  • Highlight notable clients the individual has helped
  • Include individual achievements and awards received
  • Back up any personal claims made with facts and statistics 
  • Describe the individual’s personal values and vision for the company 
  • Include links to professional social media profiles such as LinkedIn
  • Call to action area to email the individual or company

Below are some examples of the best website bio page designs we’ve come across and the features they embody:


Stacey Ann Taylor Law


  • Call to action with contact information
  • Mission statement and summary of services offered
  • Background of educational experience and experience
  • Use of personal imagery
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Dr. Joanne Goh


  • Background of educational experience, research, and personal interest
  • Use of imagery
  • Summary  of notable achievements/awards
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  • Use of headshot
  • Notes role within the company and mission for growth
  • Previous experience in similar roles prior to position at Equifax
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  • Notes years of experience in similar roles at other notable companies
  • Includes personal imagery
  • description of responsibilities
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  • Inclusion of headshots 
  • Notes how each individual helped grow the company
  • Notes years of experience and internal promotions
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  • Notes revenue growth while working for the company
  • Includes notable awards
  • Includes personal imagery and link to LinkedIn social media page
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Fidelis Security


  • Notes leadership qualities 
  • Experience in similar roles
  • Includes link to LinkedIn personal profile
  • Includes features from notable media outlets
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The Center for Innovative GYN Care


  • Links to social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Includes short client testimonials regarding the individual’s work
  • Description of education, certifications, and experience
  • Notes specialities and services offered
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IPA Global


  • Includes call to action with contact us section
  • Describes typical duties and areas of oversight
  • Showcases experience in similar roles
  • Short description of educational background
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  • Description of areas of oversight and leadership experience
  • Years of experience working for the company
  • Includes notable recognitions and awards received
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Lightspeed Team


  • Links to personal LinkedIn, Twitter, and email
  • Detailed background of education and industry experience
  • Links to notable companies team members have worked with
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United States Institute of Peace


  • Breakdown of key issue areas the individual is responsible for
  • Background of personal research, interests, and training
  • Links to news articles the individual was featured in
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JG Law


  • Notes years of industry experience
  • Includes links to email and LinkedIn profiles
  • Overview of education and affiliations
  • Inclusion of headshots
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  • Notes key areas of focus 
  • Links to personal LinkedIn profile
  • In addition to education and industry experience, notes the individual’s personal interests and hobbies outside of work
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  • Side banner showcasing all areas of expertise
  • Showcases individual’s diversity with languages spoken and countries they have worked in
  • Notes educational and professional experience
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  • Provides individuals contact information such as email and phone number to get in touch directly 
  • Notes fields of expertise and industry experience
  • Breakdown of public recognition the individual has received
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  • Provides individuals contact information such as email and phone number to get in touch directly 
  • Links to blog posts they have written
  • Notes key areas of work/priorities
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Sheppard Pratt


  • Breakdown of areas of specialty
  • Detailed information about educational background and professional experience
  • Lists certifications and professional organizations the individual belongs to
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  • Links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages
  • Notes thought leadership through articles and opinion pieces written
  • Showcases projects the individual has been involved in
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  • Includes a personal quote from the individual to add an element of personalization
  • Notes current projects the individual is working on
  • Links to similar open job positions as the individual featured to increase online applications
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Aspen Institute


  • Short statement describing the individual’s role in the company and personal responsibilities
  • Detailed background of education and professional experience
  • Links to personal email to contact directly
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