Top 16 Examples of Medical
Websites for Patients

Alliance  ·  October 27, 2020

Looking to attract more patients? We’ve created a list of the top 16 examples of medical website designs to inspire.

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Medical websites are no longer just a place to locate office location and contact information, but now also serve as a place where customers book appointments online, view client examples for services offered, view physician and employee bios, and view detailed resources for services, news, and industry innovations. Therefore, a good medical website will incorporate the following features:

  • A well performing and secure website
  • Responsive design that allows visitors to book appointments online from any desktop, mobile, or tablet device
  • Offering different types of content to engage visitors such as client examples, an industry news section, photo galleries, and more
  • Offering “call to action” areas throughout the website, such as “book an appointment” or “request more information about our services,” to help increase conversion rates
  • Compelling visuals such as photography and video 
  • Inclusion of value statements — competitive advantages, company mission and vision, description of company culture, and employee bios

Performance and Security

Having a medical website design that performs well and is secure is more important than you think. Both performance and security actually affect search engine rankings, with less secure and poor performing websites being ranked lower by search engines. A medical website that loads around two seconds is considered well performing. In terms of security, make sure HTTPS is installed on your website for data protection purposes.

Responsive Design

Having a medical website design that is responsive across all devices is also considered an important component for website design. Now more than ever, people rely on smartphones for browsing the web, and it can be frustrating if you have to zoom in and out to view website content if it is not optimized for smartphone use. This can contribute to a high bounce rate due to frustration with the website. Responsive design also is a factor in search engine rankings, with well optimized websites ranking higher in search results.

Content Creation

Medical websites no longer just serve as a place to find contact information and office location. In order to compete with similar businesses, your medical website should include new content that visitors can engage with. Not only does new content help in telling your brand’s story, but it also allows a visitor to engage for longer periods of time on a website. So what types of content should you include in your medical website? Below are a few examples:

  • blog posts- could discuss innovations in your industry, new technologies or anything that relates to your medical business
  • client testimonials or case studies- testimonials are essential on medical website designs and allow visitors to understand different instances where you have been able to help patients
  • resource section- could include different documents relating to your industry and medical practice
  • patient portal- could include forms they can download prior to visits, a place to view test results or book additional appointments right from the website

Call to Action Areas

In order to improve conversion rates on a medical website design, you should include “call to action” areas where visitors can further engage with your business. For a medical website, this could include buttons to “book an appointment/consultation”, “request more information” or talk with a specialist. Inclusion of forms is another great way to improve conversion rates. These forms could have visitors enter contact information and any questions they may have for a doctor/surgeon etc. The more information you are able to collect from a visitor, the more opportunity your business will have for further communication with the individual.

Photography and Video

Medical websites should include great imagery and other media in order to capture the attention of your visitors. Stock photography can look outdated and gives less of a personal feel to your business website. Instead, consider having professional photos taken of your office location, staff or medical technology to give a more personalized, professional feel to your website. Including video can also be a great way to educate your audience prior to a visit at your office location.

Inclusion of Value Statements

It is also important to consider including value statements within your medical website. Value statements help visitors understand how your medical business can help them and maybe why to choose them over another similar practice. Below are a few examples of value statements you could include in your medical website:

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Employee Bios (maybe include educational background and experience working in the field)
  • Statistics (examples might include the number of surgeries performed or patients helped)
  • Company culture (what does it look like to work for your business in terms of office life? This can be great for potential applicants)
  • Company mission and vision statement- What does your business hope to accomplish? How are you working towards these goals?

Here are 16 examples of top medical websites
that embody these features.


1.Visage Facial Surgery

The Visage Facial Surgery website creates the ultimate customer experience through use of smart technology as a way to better connect with customers. Visage Facial Surgery offers a number of different cosmetic and dental surgery options in the Ohio area. Upon entering the website, clients have access to a number of different consultation features, such as a 3D simulation and video consultation, which give clients a better feel for what they may look like post surgery. The website also utilizes an online chat functionality to answer any immediate questions a potential client may have. Visit Site

2. Savannah Robotic Surgical Institute

The Savannah Robotic Surgical Institute offers highly specialized surgical options, such as colon and other minimally invasive surgical procedures. The Surgical Institute website helps cultivate trust in their brand through use of testimonials and statistics. Upon entering the homepage visitors can click through recent client reviews and have the option to schedule an appointment directly from the website, which is a great way to improve conversion rates online. A short service overview on the homepage helps visitors understand generally what is offered, and further details on each service can then be explored on another page. Visit Site

3. Rest Assured System

Rest Assured is a medical technology company offering caregivers a way to safely monitor individuals through a video chat and wireless monitoring system. The Rest Assured website displays practical applications for their technology for people with disabilities and senior citizens, which can be further explored based on who the caregiver is helping. The website also provides an overview on the value of remote technology such as frequent alerts, monitoring of eating and sleeping patterns, and ability to connect with friends and family. The company creates brand loyalty and trust through incorporation of a testimonials section and competitive advantage statement. Visit Site

4. Fairfax EggBank

Fairfax EggBank offers frozen egg donation services to clients in the Northern Virginia area. The website caters to two groups of individuals — those looking to receive an egg donation or those looking to donate. The Fairfax EggBank website strongly focuses on conversion rate by allowing visitors to browse the egg donation database or view donor criteria. Visitors are asked throughout the website to create an account, sign up for newsletter alerts, or contact the Eggbank directly with questions — all of which increase user engagement on the website. Visit Site

5. Innovative GYN Care

Innovative GYN Care is a group of laparoscopic surgical specialists with a number of different locations across Maryland, Virginia, and New York. The Innovative GYN website does a great job of organizing content in a way that is easy to navigate and allows visitors to find what they need. The website organizes content through key topics such as conditions, techniques, and types of procedures offered so visitors can evaluate whether this might be the best surgical option for them. The Innovative GYN website also highlights important competitive advantages over other surgical options directly on their homepage including faster recovery, small incisions, and ability to return home the same day post surgery. The website also does a great job incorporating video tutorials, which help give visitors a better understanding of minimally invasive surgery. Visit Site

6. Spring Fertility

Spring Fertility offers fertility treatments and egg freezing services to women through a website that serves to educate visitors on these types of procedures. The Spring Fertility website allows visitors to book a consultation directly through the website, as well as provides access to different virtual events that explain the egg donation process more in detail. Website visitors also can access short overviews of different types of treatments, view commonly asked questions, and find egg donation resources at the touch of a button. Visit Site

7. Dr. Joanne Eye

Dr. Joanne offers cataract, corneal, and laser eye surgery options in Australia. One element we particularly like about the website is the incorporation of a blog section, which you don’t commonly see on medical websites. The blog posts give visitors information on different topics that relate to eye surgery such as what life might look like without glasses and details on different surgical options. Blog posts are a great way to improve website search results since search engines often determine rankings based on frequency of new content. The website also gives visitors the ability to view recent news on different social media pages for the eye surgery center, giving them a more personal form of communication with the business. Visit Site

8. Sedation Dentistry of
Sunny Isles

Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles offers cosmetic and implant dentistry in the Sunny Isles Florida area. The Sedation Dentistry website uses imagery as a way to add a personal feel to their website, giving visitors a glimpse into their office location and team. The website also includes personal bios of each doctor, allowing visitors to understand their educational and professional backgrounds. The website also incorporates social media posts at the bottom of the homepage to allow visitors to view before and afters and recent practice updates. Visit Site

9. Corona Foot and
Ankle Group

The Corona Foot and Ankle Group offers podiatry services to address foot and ankle injury, diabetic foot care, wound care, skin and toe pathology, and more. We appreciate that the Corona Foot and Ankle Group website incorporates multiple calls to action throughout the homepage to “book an appointment” after giving visitors a glimpse of services they specialize in and new technology the practice incorporates. The website also includes a review section where visitors can read previous client testimonials to get a better understanding of what their experience of working with Corona Foot and Ankle Group was like. Visit Site

10. Dr. Bawa Joint

Dr. Bawa offers orthopedic surgery to clients with joint replacement needs. The website again includes multiple call to action areas where visitors have the option to book an appointment directly on the website. The homepage of the website also showcases different services offered (such as knee replacement, robotic surgery, hip surgery) so new visitors have a good understanding of whether the practice can offer the right type of surgery for them. Visitors can also browse through customer testimonial statements right from the homepage to get a sense of what everything from appointments to surgery was like when working with Dr. Bawa. Visit Site

11. Pacific Bone and
Joint Clinic

The Pacific Bone and Joint Clinic offers hip and knee replacement surgical procedures. We appreciate that not only does the Pacific Bone and Joint Clinic offer online appointment booking, but they also have a “Your Visit” section which allows patients to print patient forms, view insurance coverage options, and glimpse at resources to prepare for surgery ahead of time. By offering these resources right from the website, patients can save time filling out forms or having to call the office directly with questions. The Pacific Bone and Joint Clinic website also offers detailed medical professional bios discussing everything from education and training to surgical experience. Visit Site

12. Core and Associates

Core and Associates is a plastic surgery center in Alabama. Core does a nice job focusing its efforts on building loyalty to the brand by showcasing awards and allowing visitors to read client reviews on the homepage from sources such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Core also includes a blog into their website to help better engage new visitors by discussing topics ranging from if you are a good candidate for a surgical procedure to promotion of their new service offering of virtual consultations. Visit Site

13. American EyeCare

American EyeCare offers vision services in Iowa. This particular medical website does a nice job focusing on call to action opportunities throughout the website — such as “book an appointment” and “order contacts online” — to improve visitor engagement with their brand. The American EyeCare website also offers a short bio on each of their EyeCare doctors allowing a visitor to learn about each individual’s educational background and experience in the eyecare field. Offering employee bios on a medical website is a great way to add a more personal element, as well as establish trust by giving visitors more information about staff’s professional experience in the eyecare field. Visit Site

14. Houston Faces

Houston Faces offers clients surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements in the Houston, Texas area. One feature that we particularly like is the call to action to book a “Virtual Consultation”. This shows that the brand offers an appointment option that is convenient for online visitors and allows them to engage with the company to answer any immediate questions or concerns they may have. Houston Faces also offers a blog on their website, which is a great way to increase engagement online as well as improve search engine rankings. The blog offers information on everything from frequently asked questions in the cosmetic surgery space to current trends within the industry. Visit Site

15. Allen Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

The Allen Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center offers skincare solutions and skin cancer treatments to clients in Georgia. One particular feature that this website offers is a full online patient portal. Instead of having to call the office, patients have the ability to fully manage everything from appointment booking to bill pay right from their computer. The Allen Dermatology website also offers a website that is easy to navigate, allowing visitors to easily book appointments, view service offerings, or engage with their blog for skincare recommendations. Visit Site

16. CCRS Lasik Eye Surgery Center

CCRS offers Lasik eye surgery and other eye procedures in the California area. One feature that we appreciate on this medical website is the inclusion of client reviews on the homepage. Visitors have the ability to view recent reviews from a number of different sources such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook as a way to get a better understanding of what an eye surgery procedure at CCRS might look like for them. Another feature the CCRS website includes is an FAQ section, which is a great way to educate visitors about different types of eye surgery procedures and whether or not it might be right for them. Visit Site

Many medical practices have websites that just give office locations and contact information. By taking your medical website a step further and making it a better tool for communication, you can help increase the efficenciency (through tools such as a patient portal) of your practice as well as potentially gain new business (through conversion optimization techniques and informative content).

Each of the medical websites mentioned in this article focuses not only on great design and a user friendly experience, but incorporates features that take it a step above other simpler medical websites. By using some of the techniques mentioned throughout the article, your medical website can help increase loyalty towards your brand through informative content and a better online experience.

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