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The last impression you leave should be your best.

The last impression you leave should be your best.

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Brand identity appeals to the senses, you can see it, hold it and share it. When making an impression, many people judge by your business logo and your brand. We help companies develop logos that differentiate your brand and communicate the value with stunning clarity.

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial stages of the process of logo design. Each and every stage contributes towards giving shape to a logo that is a perfect visual representation of the organization, its mission, values, and its offerings.

Our Logo Design Process

Step 1. Research
Determine where your company falls in regards to your competition and your business goals.
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Step 2. Conceptualization

We develop a number of concepts based on client input and our independent research.DC graphic design

Step 3. Determine Icons and Typography

Typography is magical, it communicates your core brand and conveys a subliminal message.
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Step 4. Color Selection

We treat the final selection with specific color pallets that bring your logo design to life.

Step 5. Logo Delivery

Once the final logo is approved we apply the design to all your branding including print, business cards or any other formats required.
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