Mobile App Design

Gartner estimates that the Mobile Apps industry will be growing from $6.8B to $29B by 2013.

Mobile App Design

Smartphone and apps usage is increasing by 30% every year. A recent study of all app users showed that they spend a minimum 79 minutes each day using apps (average of all smartphones combined). These users also download approximately 9 apps each month. App usage is exploding and is expected to quadruple over the next two years! AdeptPros’ experts can do more than just develop your dream application. With our extensive knowledge in this booming industry, we can provide you with the edge you need to make your app successful.

Whether you have an idea for an app, or need one created as a solution for your business, AdeptPros can offer you the expertise you need. Our team has over 200 years of combined IT experience, and consists of developers, business analysts, designers, testers and project managers to ensure your project is completed with superior quality and speed. Click here to view some examples of our expertise in these technologies that we specialize in.
Don’t miss out on your opportunity; get your mobile app developed today and reach out to 57,000,000 smart phone users…

iPhone/iPod/iPad Applications Development

Apple is the leader in the Mobile Apps industry with 200,000 apps in their store. Using iPhone/iPad SDK we create Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad applications of all different types. As of May 2010, there are 80,000,000 iPhone/iPod/iPad users worldwide waiting to discover your new application!

BlackBerry Application Development
On average 1,000,000 apps are downloaded each day by BlackBerry users. We can create a custom business software, including standalone applications and solutions integrated to your enterprise system.

Google Android Development
We develop mobile solutions using Java combined with the recently emerged Android framework. As of May 2010, there are 13,000,000 Android app users. Don’t miss your opportunity to get into this rapidly growing platform.




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