5 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose your Old Website

Alliance  ·  January 20, 2016

The secret behind the greatest kitchens is utilization of resources. Watch any chef work and you’ll see there is no waste in the kitchen — scraps become masterpieces and margins are closely monitored. With most web design projects, old websites are discarded, typically for lack of utility or purpose. Rarely do clients take a second look at their website and ask a very simple question, what can we do with this website?

Websites in their essence are software containers tailored to the needs of a client. Remove the branding, images and content and you’re left with a shell capable of a new purpose.

Here are some easy steps to reuse your old website:

  1. Remove all internal content that may conflict with your new website launch.
  2. Determine a new purpose. Some popular uses include utilizing the website to target a specific city or keyword, highlighting a partnership with a nonprofit or creating an advocacy site promoting a cause.
  3. Have a web design company develop a slimmed down informational and largely static website complete with updated branding.
  4. Purchase a new domain that adequately reflects the new purpose.
  5. Add google analytics to track the website’s performance

With minimal effort, budget and the right web design company you can leverage your website to take advantage of search and explore strategies would have been cost prohibitive. In the end, you’ll look like a penny-pinching master chef who’s transformed scraps into a masterpiece.