7 Ways How to Check Google Search Position

Alliance  ·  June 24, 2021

Having a great website search ranking will help your business grow through increased traffic and visibility. One of the most commonly used search engine platforms is Google, so it is important that your business keeps a good Google search ranking position or use a SEO company. First page search results are likely to receive the most clicks, so by testing your search position regularly, you can see where your business stands in relation to competitors on important keyword searches. In this article, we will explain a few methods to help you find your Google position to help improve your brand’s online visibility.

What is a Google Search position?

A Google Search position is essentially the position that a website is listed in Google when a user searches a specific keyword or phrase. The closer a website is to the top, the better their Google position is. An ideal position to aim for is at least a first page of search results, since most users will commonly click websites on the first page as it is perceived these are the most relevant to the topic they are searching for. Google determines search position rankings through a process known as indexing. Indexing is the way that search engines organize information on a website. Once a web page is crawled, it will be able to provide a quick response through indexing to identify what keywords or topics are on these pages to rank them accordingly.

Is there a way to test my Google Search Position? 

If you are unsure where exactly your business stacks up in terms of your Google search position, there are a number of different online SEO tools that can help you in this process. Most of these tools are very user friendly, requiring little technical experience (sometimes you just have to enter your website). Some of these tools will generate an online report of your search position, while others will provide feedback on how to improve your rankings. We have compiled a list of some of the best online tools for finding your Google Search position below.

1. Google Search Console

One of the first tools we would recommend is the Google Search Console since it was developed by Google for help with search rankings. The Google Search console is a web service created to help developers and website administrators check their indexing status and optimize their website for improved online visibility. The Google Search console offers reporting features that measure search traffic, website performance, and current search rankings. To find your Google  Search position using this tool, just follow the steps below:

  1. Determine which keywords you want your website to rank for
  2. Enter your website information and these keywords into the Google Search console
  3. The tool will generate a report showing where your pages are ranking for specific keywords, average clicks on your website, positioning in relation to similar websites, and how many of your pages are in Google’s index.
  4. You can also submit a specific webpage for indexing, which will provide feedback on which areas of that page could be improved for better search rankings (this includes things such as keyword frequency, webpage load time, backlinking, or creating a sitemap, for example)

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is an online tool used by website administrators and marketers to better understand their online search rankings through keyword analysis. As an all in one tool for improving online visibility many business owners choose SEMrush for their SEO and PPC marketing. 

SEMrush also offers a position tracking tool that can be used for the Google Search engine. To use this tool, just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the domain or subdomain you want to track
  2. Enter your location, device you want to analyze (such as desktop, tablet or mobile), search engine preference, and the target keywords you want to analyze.
  3. The tool will then collect data for the specified search engine and give you results for your domains positioning based on these target keywords

3. Ahrefs 

Much like SEMrush, Ahrefs is another tool that assists with SEO analysis. Ahrefs offers SEO monitoring, which will analyze a website for common SEO issues and ranking performance over time, and provide you with instant alerts on keyword ranking position changes or potential issues with backing or performance that might be causing your search results to change.

Ahrefs offers a rank tracking tool that will help you find your search position on Google. To use this tool just follow the steps below:

  1. Input your domain or subdomain
  2. Input or import a list of keywords, your preferred search engine, and any competitor URLs
  3. Ahrefs will generate a report providing search ranking performance based on these keywords and competitors

4. SERPWatcher 

SERPWatcher is an SEO tool that provides advanced feedback and reporting on keyword positioning. SERP stands for search engine results page, meaning that when a user searches a specific search query, that is the page it will return results for. While SERP can be affected by paid search and pay per click ads, it also is greatly determined by keyword ranking and website optimization. 

SERPWatcher offers a keyword position tool that will provide daily updates on current positioning and historical changes over time through the timeframe feature. After entering your domain information and keyword searches, you will be provided with real time reporting on current positioning, as well as a full keyword analysis. This analysis will give you additional insights on the position history of that keyword, and the indexed pages associated with it.

5. RankWatch

RankWatch is an SEO management platform providing insights on current search positioning, keyword analysis, and more. Many marketers opt for RankWatch as it also allows you to track data on individual digital marketing campaigns to determine their effectiveness in improving your online search position. 

The rank tracking feature will easily allow you to determine your Google Search position. The rank tracking tool provides daily rank tracking analysis showing your position history on specified search engines to better analyze the success of your keyword strategy over time. The tool can also be used to track based on specified location and type of device used.

6. Accuranker

Accuranker is an SEO software solution that provides quick real time results for rank tracking and is used by many businesses, agencies and SEO professionals to improve their online visibility and search strategy. 

Accuranker offers a free online SERP Checker, which is a tool that will give you a basic understanding of your current positioning on popular search engines. To use this tool, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the SERP Checker tool
  2. Enter your domain information, target keywords, and search engine preference
  3. Specify your location and type of device you would like results for
  4. Accuranker will then provide you with a preview of your search engine positioning on Google

7. SearchMetrics

Search Metrics is an innovative SEO tool used by companies and marketing agencies to allow them to make better search and content decisions using analytic data provided for a variety of different SEO metrics. 

SearchMetrics can provide detailed reports for online positioning based on competitor analysis for keyword searches. The tool also allows you to filter results based on industry sector to make sure you are ranking well in your space. SearchMetrics allows you to easily filter the report results for Google, so you can gain access to your Google search positioning in a matter of minutes.

Now that you have a few tools to get you started on determining your Google Search positioning, below are a few ways to improve your website for better ranking results:

  • Update your website with relevant content regularly based on keywords you want to rank for
  • Make sure your website design is responsive across all devices
  • Make sure your website loads quickly and is secure for visitors
  • Include internal links within your website 
  • Create a sitemap if you have not done so already
  • Fix any technical issues such as broken links

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