7 Ways to Find The Best Website Maintenance Company

Alliance  ·  November 27, 2019

When evaluating a website maintenance and support company you need to find a company that is reliable, efficient, and is able to identify the unique needs of your organization. Below are a few qualifications to consider when selecting the best website support company:

1. Availability for In-Person Meetings

Sometimes when planning a project, the project team needs to be able to meet in person in order to effectively collaborate and share ideas. The availability to meet in person also helps you to establish trust and make sure your agency is meeting your needs and project standards. You will want to see if the agency has an office available or is willing to travel to you for projects.

We are also able to visit onsite to review project changes together and take photography onsite for a new website. For our design projects, we also conduct surveys and review all employee feedback together as a group to make sure everyone has a voice in the project’s outcome. We also offer onsite training to all employees to learn how to use our product.

This ability to connect in person allows for a stronger partnership, creates a more personalized experience throughout the design process, and ensures all the client’s needs are addressed. For example, here at Alliance, we offer meeting space right in the center of Washington, D.C, making it easy to setup an in-person meeting to learn more about our services.

2. Reputation and Positive Client Reviews

Another important aspect to look at when selecting a website maintenance and support company are reviews and experiences from past clients to give you an insight into their reputation. This will also give you a better idea of the experience they will offer if you were to use their services. Alliance has been rated a top development agency on Clutch for our custom website designs that focus on brand awareness and increased conversions. As a result, our services have delivered improved online growth and a customized experience for site administrators. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and the tools we develop to make managing website content a more efficient process.

3. Number of Clients in Various Industries

Another item to evaluate when choosing a vendor is the number of clients they have worked with across different industries. This will give you a better idea if they understand who your site audience is and what markets you want to target. Take a look at variety within a possible vendor’s client portfolio that you are evaluating to get a better idea if the firm can give a customized, rather than cookie cutter, experience.

Here at Alliance, our team has worked with a variety of Washington, DC clients, ranging from large consulting firms and enterprise security firms, to government agencies and international NGOs. Many of these industries require a high level of security and attention to detail when organizing their content structure. The ability to work with a wide range of different industries has helped us to better understand the competitive landscape and how needs vary greatly across different verticals. Take a look at some of our client testimonials here.

4. Advanced Website Security

This is another area that varies greatly among vendors depending on their client portfolio, but is important to consider in selecting a website support company is website security. Many industries have a high standard for security measures, as adjustments or changes on the site often contain confidential information, so you want to make sure the vendor you choose is qualified in this area. In instances where you need a credentialed individual to work at these secured client locations, Alliance has the ability to provide assistance to these types of clients as a result of our previous work with government agencies, financial institutions, and security firms.

5. Ability to Address Concerns in a Timely Manner

You also want to take a look at the hours that the support team will be available when choosing a vendor, especially if unexpected issues were to arise. You want to ask the agency if they offer reliable managed support during your business hours. Here at Alliance, we offer managed support from 7am-5pm EST and after hours email support, making us available when it’s most often needed.

6. Number of Years Providing Website Maintenance

Another factor to consider is the number of years a website support and maintenance company has been providing support services. A website maintenance company with a decent amount of time spent in the area will be able to understand the demographics and how best to target your desired audience. Alliance has been helping clients throughout the Washington, DC area for over 15 years, making us a reliable choice in the area.

7. Desire to help the community

Take a look to see what types of clients your potential vendor has worked with, which will give you an indication of who they have an interest in helping. Here at Alliance, we have a passion for nonprofits such as the Red Cross, Fashion for Paws, and United Way, among others. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to support these organizations who are positively influencing their communities and we design sites for these nonprofits that help them grow their organization, communicate their mission, and drive engagement.

Why Choose Managed Support?

Maintaining a website that provides a great brand experience is time consuming and requires attention to detail on a consistent basis. When other business obligations take priority, your website may experience a loss of traffic, increased bounce rate or decreased performance. Alliance Interactive can help your business maintain the performance and security requirements necessary for an optimal user experience, as well as provide new improvements to help drive traffic and increase visitor engagement.

Whether your business wants to upgrade to a responsive design, improve content administration or generate new online leads, our full service team can provide the digital expertise you need.