7 Ways to Improve you AdWords ROI

Alliance  ·  January 15, 2016

Test your ads

Test your ads and see how they stand-out against each other. Establish a baseline for performance then make a new ad group with substantial changes such as a dollar amount discount or a call to action to your ads to test their performance.

Manage the time your ads are shown

Adwords campaigns give you the control to manage the time and day they are shown. Measure your response and conversion rates to determine the best days to focus your ad placement.

Optimize Ad text

Make sure to include your keywords in the text of your ad so that users know it relates to their search terms. If your ad is targeting a specific keyword, make sure it links directly to the most relevant destination URL (landing page).

Build a negative keyword list

Adding negative keywords to your ad group or campaign means that your ads will not appear for those particular search terms. By filtering unwanted searches you can help maximize relevant searches on Google and increase conversions on your forms.

Review your competitors keyword performance

As you evaluate your keywords, take into consideration keywords used by competitors to help maximize your AdWords campaigns success. Online tools like spyfu.com and compete.com offer online ad spending and competitor keyword insight to help you generate effective ideas.

Optimize your landing page

A specially created landing page is much easier to optimize for Pay Per Click AdWord campaigns. A landing page offers the flexibility of deploying easily scannable forms and other calls to action. A landing page can be integrated into an existing site efficiently and cost effectively.

Use Google metrics

Google recently launched its new AdWords feature called Google Call Metrics, allowing AdWords advertisers to measure the number of phone calls generated by an AdWords campaign. It can serve to show you what time individuals are making phone calls and the efficiency of your campaigns.