Five Best Free Keyword Alternatives

Alliance  ·  March 26, 2021

Need a new alternative to Google Keyword Planner? Below are tools that will help provide additional insights for your SEO strategy when it comes to new keyword ideas and understanding common search engine behaviors.

Understanding Keywords and SEO

Keywords are an important element of search engine optimization if you want to improve your online visibility. Understanding what types of keyword phrases your potential customers are using will help you improve your search results and competitor ranking. While there are plenty of ways to find keyword information, we have compiled a list of some of the most user friendly tools available to get you started on your keyword planning efforts.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Keyword research is important because it allows you to better understand what the competitive landscape looks like for specific keyword phrases for which you want to rank well. Through this analysis you will be able to determine how hard it might be to rank for specific keyword phrases and the cost associated with doing so. Keyword research is also important in driving visitation, as it allows you to understand what types of content to consider creating for your website to improve your search rankings in this area. Keyword research also allows you to understand the volume of traffic you may receive for ranking well for specific keyword phrases and how it could potentially improve your online customer base.

Google Keyword Limits

The Google Keyword planner is an online application that assists with search engine optimization efforts by providing insights on keyword research for your online campaigns. The application allows for discovery of new keywords that relate to your business, as well as insights on the cost associated with implementing them into your SEO campaigns. With the Google Keyword planner, you unfortunately have a limit of 700 keywords within the keywords ideas feature of the application. There are also limits on search volume and trends, so we have provided some additional SEO keyword planning tools that are available and the features they provide.

Alternative Applications for Keywords

Below is a list of the best keyword free keyword alternative (most have paid options as well and all have free trials) to some of our favorite alternative options to Google Keywords, and the features they offer.

Ahrefs- An SEO software used for keyword research, link building, competitive analysis, and auditing. The Ahrefs software offers some great features specific for keywords, including a keyword explorer tool that provides keyword research and ranking status features.

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer – Great for generating new keyword ideas, this tool allows you to analyze different keyword rankings on more than 10 different search engines. The dashboard allows you to analyze search volume for specific keywords and average click rate.

The Keyword Explorer Tool also provides the following features:

  • Keyword suggestions 
  • Up to date search volumes
  • Keyword difficulty scores
  • SEO metrics such as click rate, paid clicks and more
Ahrefs dashboard

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool – The Keyword Research Tool from SEMRush offers a multitude of different features including a keyword generator, keyword analysis, domain analysis, and competitive analysis.SEMRush offers a full keyword research tool to help with development of keyword strategy and meeting targeted SEO goals.

  • Keyword Magic- Provides thousands of keyword ideas including long tail keywords and click potential 
  • Keyword Analytics- Allows for insights on competitive level for certain keywords, difficulty ranking and options for global or regional search volume Keyword Research Tool Dashboard
  • Domain analytics- Provides insights on a domain’s current positioning on search engines
  • Keyword Gap- Provides insights on keywords you might not be ranking for, as well as competitive analysis on specific keyword phrases
    Keyword Gap

Moz – An SEO software program backed by a large online community that offers tools for SEO, link building, content marketing, and more. Moz Pro offers a variety of tools for both on and offsite SEO improvements including keyword research, rank tracking, content optimization, and analytics. 

  • Keyword research- Provides insights on traffic-driving keywords and how to improve online conversion rates for building your business.
  • Rank tracking- Provides information on current ranking status and how it compares to competitors
  • Content optimization- Provides suggestions for on-page SEO improvements to help boost ranking status
  • Analytics- Track SEO improvements over time

Bing– The Bing Webmaster Suite offers a full keyword research tool to help website administrators and web developers improve online content for better search results.

Keyword Research Tool- The tool allows a user to input a specific keyword and will suggest other relevant or alternative keyword options to improve SEO health. The tool also will list the keywords according to global search volume so you can target the ones that will drive the most traffic. The keyword research tool provides three segments of keywords options:

  • Related keywords
  • Question keywords
  • Newly discovered keywords over a 30-day period
    Ahrefs dashboard

Google Trends
Google Trends – Provides insights on relevant search topics on the Google search engine. This tool allows you to see trending search topics and data that can be filtered by year. Google Search Trends can help assist in SEO strategy through identification of the most relevant keyword searches in the world today. The platform is fairly simple to use, just enter a search term or topic into the Google Trends search bar to get started. The Google Trends page will then provide you with trends on interest in a particular keyword over a period of time, interest by subregion, and related popular search topics.

Improving your search engine rankings might seem like a daunting task, but having the right tools available will ensure you are making the most of your time and budget when developing an SEO strategy for improved keyword rankings. The tools mentioned above each provide a complementary free trial so you can test which tool might be right for your business.

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