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Building a secure future and website for an enterprise cybersecurity firm

Fidelis Cybersecurity is an enterprise cybersecurity company that is committed to helping its customers detect and respond to the advanced threats of today and tomorrow, with powerful technology solutions and services that provide security professionals with the accuracy and context to make faster, more informed decisions.

The Challenge

Fidelis needed an updated online presence that catered to a diverse set of audiences — from CTOs and CSOs to system administrators — and showcased Fidelis’ technical solutions. The new site also needed to handle high volumes of traffic and meet substantial security requirements.

The Solution

Alliance partnered with Fidelis to design and build a new website reflecting the security, efficiency, and advanced technology valued by its clients. Alliance’s online strategy for Fidelis focused on maximizing conversion opportunities by showcasing their security solutions and offering easy pathways to request demos or sign up for trials. Finally, Alliance created space for evolution by building a library of customized page panels that could be easily incorporated and reorganized on any page.


  • Increase in SEO

    + 46%
  • New Unique Site Visitors

    + 145%
  • Increase in Avg. Time Spent on Site

    1 min


  • Awards

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