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Helping parents take control of television

TV Boss empowers visitors with knowledge to make the rules and know the ratings for movies and television shows. The TV and movie industries created the website to give parents the tools and information they need to guide their child’s television consumption.

The Challenge

The team at TV Boss came to Alliance for our expertise in branding and website design. They needed an updated design concept to set the direction for TV Boss and drive a clear, recognizable brand that consumers would recognize.

The Results

To meet TV Boss’s needs, Alliance redesigned an outdated TV Boss website to help target new audiences online with a responsive design that eliminated the need for an aging app. Through our iterative creative development process, we offered a distinctive brand identity that incorporated visual elements and brand standards that can be used in a wide variety of communication materials. Usability was key to new design — smarter functionality, easily-accessible content for multiple visitor types, and languages were essential to expanding the project’s audience.


  • Increase in SEO

  • Organic Traffic Value



Branding Approach

The original TV Boss branding and website required a total overhaul.
After a thorough research on personas we commenced a visual rebranding designed to create something entirely new and fresh that would connect visitors with the newly designed content and brand. We designed not just a new logo,
but also a new “visual vocabulary” of colors, textures and
brand standards for all the client’s marketing materials.

Branding Approach



Responsive Design

To ensure an impactful web experience, the new website is fully responsive to any device, operating system or screen. It looks and works great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.

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