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Driving greater reach for the World Bank’s road safety initiative

Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) brings together the global community of researchers, problem solvers, and leaders to share ideas and take action to improve global road safety. GRSF provides funding, knowledge, and technical assistance designed to scale-up efforts in developing countries with the highest crash death rates.

The Challenge

When the World Bank’s GRSF team came to Alliance, the team needed a new website to fill a digital gap between their print materials and online, connecting them to where millions of road safety searches were occurring. Our challenge was also to develop a customer-centric website that could help identify who was accessing their information so as to increase their efficiency in data management.

The Solution

Alliance designed and developed a new website that tells the story of how GRSF has helped save over 322,000 lives through its World Bank-funded projects. Our team was tasked to visualize data-heavy country safety profiles in a way that would be attractive to a wide range of researchers, supporters, media, and project partners. The new website also provided a much more sophisticated data library for road safety projects, research, peer-reviewed papers, reports, in-country guidance, and manuals. The new website allows both users and administrators to manage and create new content easily and track and monitor vital key performance indicators.


  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Increase Organic Search

  • Increase Unique Pageviews



  • Award 2021

PDFs to Online Reports

To help reach a broader audience, we fully digitized the World Bank’s PDFs into interactive online reports.

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