15 Best Websites Layouts
for Displaying Awards

Alliance  ·  October 26, 2020

What is the best layout for an award section of a website? We highlight the 15 best websites for displaying awards.

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An awards section on your website can be a great place to show customers your latest achievements, as well as build trust and credibility in your brand. Whether your business has received an award for industry innovation, a client project, or superior customer service, having a website dedicated to showcasing your awards will showcase the recognition you’ve received for high performance and establish your competitive advantage.

How do you display awards correctly on your website?

An awards website is a section or separate site that showcases achievements among employees and across the business. An awards website is a great place to refer new and existing clients to if they are in the process of evaluating your business and the products or services you offer. Just like positive client reviews guide a customer in making a purchasing decision, an awards website provides a level of trust that your business will meet their expectations.

Does my company need an awards or recognition website?

One of the main reasons to consider an awards website is that it enhances search engine rankings and enhances lead generation for your business. For example, if someone was to search a keyword that relates to your business, they may land on your award website. Now, not only do they have knowledge of the existence of your business, but they can see that you are a credible resource that they are more likely to consider buying from.

Creating a secondary awards website will also help draw more attention to the awards themselves. The awards may not have the same level of impression if they are on your main business page as they can easily become lost or be missed entirely. You can also focus your awards website around the experience your business creates for clients rather than focusing solely on products or services. Some great elements to include on an awards website are client testimonials, case studies, or project profiles.

An awards website has the following advantages: 

  • Improves search rankings
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Improves business positioning
  • Establishes trust and credibility

What elements should you include on your awards website? 

Responsive Design

Since an awards website is a great resource to show clients your latest business achievements, you want to make sure your design is responsive across any device. This will allow you to reach a larger audience of mobile traffic that might be interested in learning more about how your business has seen success in the industry. Having a design that is mobile friendly will also help improve search rankings as Google now uses responsive design as a factor for better rankings.

Search Engine Reliability

When creating your awards website, you want to ensure it is well optimized for search engine reliability to help improve rankings and improve lead generation. By partnering with a developer to build a custom awards website, you have the ability to optimize keywords, increase backlinking activity, and create a sitemap — all of which help search engines better understand your content.

List of All Previous and Current Awards

When creating your awards website, don’t neglect mentioning any previous achievements. Awards won throughout your business operation will show customers that you have continued to provide innovation, great client projects, or superior customer service compared to your competition. Having multiple awards over time also shows your business is well rounded and maintains a level of excellence throughout changes in staff, location, and clientele.

Testimonials Section

An awards website is not only a great place to show customers your well known achievements, it also allows you to showcase why others would recommend your services, which will help website visitors establish credibility in your business. By incorporating a testimonials section, your business gives its clients a voice in how the experience you provided impacted them as a whole.

Case Studies Section

Much like a testimonials section, a case study section is another area that can enhance an awards website by showcasing client projects and their impact on an individual level. A case study provides an overview of a project by discussing the individual client challenges and solutions provided through the business. A case study section is helpful for a new visitor on a website because it gives them a better representation of what level of service to expect and how partnering with them could be beneficial.

Below are a few examples of how to incorporate awards
into your website design:


1. Sundt

Sundt highlights recent awards through a “new and noteworthy” section on their website. These help to build trust in the brand since the awards highlight how they rank among competitors as a contracting company, as well as how the company has grown throughout the years. Visit Site

2. Planar

Planar chose to display their awards in a timeline style on their website, with the most recent awards towards the top of the page. This shows visitors that their company still continues to be an innovator in the consulting industry. We also like that planar chooses to display the badges that go with each award as it gives a better visual representation of each award won. Visit Site

3. 5 Star Dental Group

5 Star Dental Group chose to showcase their awards in more of a gallery style on their website, with images of each of their dental achievements. 5 Star also includes a short summary on their awards page that describes how they rank among other dental practices in the Texas area. Visit Site

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual highlights their awards and recognition with good attention to detail on their website. Each award they have won features the award badge, a short description about the award, and a link to the award-givers website. Including these descriptions helps visitors to understand the significance behind each award. Visit Site

5. Progressive

Progressive also chose to display awards in a timeline style on their website with the most recent awards closer to the top. In the summary for each award, Progressive notes if it’s a previously won award to show that they have been recognized on multiple occasions for their insurance services and workplace environment. Visit Site

6. Honky

Honky displays the awards won for their design services as an image gallery of award badges. They also include a short summary on their website categorizing which awards they have received and how many were awarded to the company throughout the years. Visit Site

7. Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Andrea Schumacher Interiors incorporates a nice mix of imagery and descriptions into their awards page. Each award won includes an image of the awards badge, a one sentence description about the importance of each award, and a link to the award-givers website. Again, including a link to the award-givers website allows visitors to better understand the significance behind each award won. Visit Site

8. Chapman Partnership

Chapman Partnership showcases all of their awards won as a nonprofit on an “Awards and Recognition” page. In addition to an image of each award, Chapman also summarizes the reason they were granted each award, which gives a bit more personalization to the webpage. Visit Site

9. Holt

Holt keeps their awards page very organized by categorizing awards into different tabs on their webpage in areas such as higher education, housing, community, and healthcare. If an organization has won multiple awards in different categories, this is a great way to break up the information and avoid having too much text on the page. We also like that the Holt awards web page includes a “Publications and Press” section that houses any press releases summarizing their awards in more detail. Visit Site

10. Curtis and Ginsberg Architects

Curtis and Ginsberg displays their awards in a timeline style on their website. One particular aspect that we appreciate is that for each award won they include a link to the article discussing the award, as well as a link where the visitor is able to view work related to the award. This helps to put the award in the context of their services and allows visitors to further explore their relevant projects. Visit Site

11. ADP

ADP does a nice job highlighting the most important awards as well as keeping the awards organized on the page. The most important awards won by the company fall under the “Featured Awards and Recognition” headline, and include the award badge, number of consecutive years the award has been won, and a link to learn more about the award itself. Visit Site

12. Room to Read

Room to Read is a nonprofit organization that has won a number of different awards, so they have chosen to display them by the category they fall under. Visitors can then click a tab to view awards in different categories such as financial organization, program quality, and innovation, which helps to reinforce the main strengths of the organization. Visit Site

13. Obt Jobs

Obt is another nonprofit organization that highlights awards as an overview page on their website. On this page, you can view the badge for each award received and a small paragraph summary about the award and why they were chosen for it. Visit Site

14. Pratham

Pratham, an international NGO organization, highlights their awards received as a “Recognition” page on their website. They have organized their awards into two main categories associated with their organization, which are awards won on an international level and within their home base of India. Each award includes a small summary about the award and a link to view additional information. Visit Site

15. Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

WGE Fund includes an awards and recognition page on their website that focuses on how they rank within the nonprofit industry. Awards that highlight years they were ranked a “Top Rated Nonprofit” are placed at the top, and any additional awards are linked further down the page. Visit Site

Overall, when considering a secondary awards website for your business you want to make sure the design is responsive, search engine friendly, notes all awards from previous years, and features a testimonial or case study section to help build brand credibility and trust.

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