Best Free Website Monitoring Services for Uptime Checks

Alliance  ·  July 28, 2021

In this article we will discuss what are the best uptime monitoring services and how to find some free uptime monitoring resources.

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To ensure your website is running at its best, it is important that a website provides the best possible visitor experience 24/7. But as a business owner, you might not have the time to be checking up on your website at all times to ensure there are no server issues or problems with accessibility. This is why uptime monitoring is important, and in this article we will discuss what uptime monitoring is and how to find some free uptime monitoring resources.

What is uptime monitoring?

Uptime is the period when a website and its content are properly accessible and running correctly. Downtime is essentially the opposite, and is a period of time when a website cannot be properly accessed due to an issue with a server response. A system’s uptime is calculated by its total time minus any downtime it experiences. 

An uptime request is sent to a resource to see if it responds. Uptime checks are often used to check the response of a specific server that a website is being accessed from. A desired uptime would be a percentage of about 99.99%, meaning that the website is available for use most of the time.

Uptime monitoring provides information on the percentage of total uptime a server is reachable. Uptime monitoring is helpful as it will provide you with information about how often a server experiences errors that might affect accessibility. If you own a website, you should be using uptime monitoring services to ensure that there are no server issues that could affect your visitors from being able to access your website properly.

What might happen if I don’t use free uptime monitoring?

High website uptime means that a website content is available to visitors and running as it should. If a website experiences a high range of downtime, it cannot be accessed by visitors, which can lead to a decrease in sales for the business as it creates frustration due to a poor user experience.

How do I set up free uptime monitoring?

An effective uptime monitoring system will provide ongoing alerts in response to your server’s uptime and if there are any issues. This will allow you to take action to address any downtime related issues immediately. The monitoring generally will take place in 1-5 minute intervals depending on desired preferences. Uptime monitoring is usually available for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SMTP protocols. The monitoring services should check these key areas:

  • Website content
  • Website servers
  • Email servers
  • Firewalls

The alerts should be generated automatically as notifications if the server where to go down for any reason. These alerts are usually sent via email or through a workspace of your choice.

Free uptime Services

Below are the best free website monitoring services for uptime checks and options available on the web to help you monitor your website’s uptime:


Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a quick and easy service that provides up to 5 minute uptime monitoring checks in just a few minutes. Setup is relatively quick, you only need to sign up for a free account to get started. This service provides the following types of monitoring:

  • Website monitoring
  • SSL certificate monitoring- gives a heads up prior to expiration
  • Server monitoring

There is an advanced program offering as well, which includes email alerts, keyword monitoring, response time reporting, and multi location checks.

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Service Uptime

ServiceUptime is a quick and easy uptime monitoring service. To get started with this free application, all you need to enter is a URL address. This application offers the following monitoring features:

  • Monitoring frequency which can be adjusted in ranges of 1 minute up to 60 minutes
  • Web page monitoring
  • Web server monitoring
  • Link checking
  • Custom server monitoring
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Freshworks offers free uptime monitoring available in seconds just by entering an email and URL address to get started. Features of this monitoring service include:

  • Downtime alerts sent as notifications to a Gmail address
  • Multi-channel alerts available via online workspaces such as Slack or Skype
  • Public status pages showing an uptime report to visitors
  • Multi-user notifications for up to 10 users
  • Weekly reports
  • Detailed incident history noting the reasons for any downtimes experience
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Site Uptime offers free uptime monitoring services with alerts available via email, SMS, or phone whenever your site goes down. Depending on the level of monitoring needed, plans range from free to pro. The free plan includes the following monitoring options:

  • 1 monitor
  • 30 minute uptime checks
  • Uptime reporting
  • Email alerts
  • Public statistics pages
  • Monitoring for up to 11 locations
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Uptime Doctor

Uptime Doctor is a free 24/7 monitoring service that provides ongoing uptimes via email, SMS, or text messaging. This free application offers a number of great features including:

  • 24/7 nonstop monitoring and alerts on any downtime
  • Uptime and performance reporting
  • Monitoring pausing for scheduled website maintenance
  • Worldwide monitoring
  • Downtime notifications via text, phone call, or email
  • Server reboot requests
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Uptime Dog is a free monitoring service that provides ongoing monitoring every two minutes. The services are free and fairly straightforward with not a ton of features but will give you peace of mind when it comes to accessibility of your website. This program includes monitoring checks performed every two minutes for up to two geographical locations.

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BetterUptime is a reliable uptime monitoring application used by over 100,000 websites worldwide. The program offers a number of great features including:

  • Uptime monitoring performed every 30 seconds
  • Screenshots of downtime incidents
  • Unlimited phone call alerts
  • SSL certificate monitoring
  • Integrations for incident reporting with other workspaces
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