Drupal Starshot vs Drupal 10: Key Differences You Should Know

Alliance  ·  May 08

Drupal, the open-source content management system known for powering robust digital experiences, has evolved significantly with the introduction of Drupal Starshot. Announced at DrupalCon Portland 2024 by Dries Buytaert, Drupal Starshot aims to make the platform’s extensive capabilities more accessible, especially to those with less technical expertise. This initiative represents a pivotal moment in Drupal’s history, offering a new version that works alongside the existing Drupal 10.

Here, we compare the main elements of Drupal Starshot and Drupal 10 to highlight their differences and the unique benefits that Drupal Starshot brings to the table.

Overview of Drupal Starshot and Drupal 10

  • Drupal 10: The current core version of Drupal offers powerful, flexible tools for creating dynamic web experiences. It’s designed for users who have technical expertise and prefer to build their digital solutions from the ground up.
  • Drupal Starshot: This new initiative is not a fork but a parallel version of Drupal built on top of Drupal Core. It combines the core with the best contributions from the Drupal community and strategic innovations to make Drupal easier to use for everyone, especially non-developers.

Key Differences: Drupal Starshot vs Drupal 10


Drupal 10

Drupal Starshot

Core Philosophy

A robust CMS framework designed for developers to customize.

A user-friendly version of Drupal, enhancing core with additional capabilities.

Target Audience

Professional developers and technical teams.

Broader audience including non-developers and junior developers.

Ease of Use

Requires technical knowledge to fully leverage.

Simplified out-of-the-box experience for fast deployment.

Installation and Setup

Standard Drupal core installation, manual module selection and configuration.

Includes recipes and project browser for automated setup and configuration.


High degree of developer-driven customization.

User-driven customization with next-generation page builders and easy config.

Module Management

Manual module search and installation.

Integrated project browser with over 50,000 modules for easy inclusion.


Standard update procedures, often manual.

Automatic updates for a hassle-free maintenance experience.


Traditional Drupal governance and release cycle.

Different governance model to facilitate rapid innovation and quicker releases.

Content Management

Standard content management features.

Enhanced by default content and streamlined operations for users.

Community and Support

Extensive community support focused on technical development.

Expanded support aiming to assist a wider range of users in their projects.

Benefits of Drupal Starshot

Drupal Starshot is designed to democratize web development by making Drupal’s powerful features accessible to a wider audience without requiring deep technical skills. Here are some of the key benefits of Drupal Starshot:

  1. User-Friendly Approach: By enhancing the Drupal experience to include intuitive tools like a next-generation page builder and simplified project browser, Starshot makes it easier for newcomers and less technical users to create and manage websites.
  2. Rapid Deployment: With the inclusion of recipes and pre-configured modules, users can quickly set up a fully functional Drupal site, significantly reducing the time and effort required to go from concept to launch.
  3. Inclusive and Accessible: Starshot’s aim to cater to non-developers helps expand the Drupal community, inviting a diverse range of users to contribute to and build with Drupal.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: The automatic updates and easy configuration features minimize the maintenance overhead for users, allowing them to focus more on content and less on the technicalities of platform management.
  5. Dynamic Content Management: Incorporating key contributed modules and default content, Starshot offers a richer content management experience right out of the box.
  6. Support for the Open Web: By maintaining its core principles while enhancing usability, Drupal Starshot helps ensure that the web remains open and accessible, promoting privacy, safety, and creativity across digital experiences.

Moving Forward

As Drupal continues to evolve with these two parallel tracks – the traditional Drupal 10 and the innovative Drupal Starshot – users have more options than ever to build powerful, dynamic web experiences that meet their specific needs. Drupal Starshot promises to be a game-changer, especially for those looking to leverage Drupal’s strengths without deep technical expertise.

Watch the full Driesnote on the Drupal Association YouTube Channel to learn more about this exciting initiative, and see how Drupal Starshot can transform your digital strategy.