AccessiBe, a company focused on accessible web market options, has recently launched a brand new search engine called accessFind. While there are over 5 million Google searches every day, only 2% of these websites are accessible, which can pose challenges for the disabled community when trying to navigate the internet. 

accessFind was designed to help people with disabilities find accessible websites. accessFind is a community-focused search engine that was developed in partnership with disability-focused nonprofits, and is the first search engine to date specifically focused on making the internet more accessible for people with disabilities. Through the creation of an accessible-friendly index of websites, people with disabilities can find the right information they need in a format that provides the best user experience for them. accessFind is continuing to further develop its database by inviting additional NGOs to join this community as founding members for the project. 

Some websites, such as federal government sites, are required to meet 508 compliance requirements, which is a law that requires these types of sites to be safe and accessible for people with disabilities. These requirements cover features such as how color is used to show words that are linked, as well as ensuring there is sufficient contrast in any color used so information can be conveyed to those that are colorblind. 

Alliance Interactive is a full service digital agency that has been selected as part of the accessiBe community for meeting 508 compliance requirements. To learn more about how to make your website meet 508 compliance standards and have the opportunity to join the accesiBe community, click here to chat with a development expert today.