The Right PPC Management Company for Your Online Growth

PPC Management

Drive quality PPC ad campaigns to generate sales for your business. With online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, increase online growth potential and provide a consistent source of new customers to sell to each month.


What is your monthly media budget?


  • Strategy – We will research your business and competitive landscape to determine an effective PPC marketing strategy
  • Campaign setup – Our team of experts will fully setup and execute all PPC campaigns 
  • Monitoring – After each campaign has been implemented, we will monitor to ensure all KPIs are met 
  • Optimization – We will optimize your PPC campaigns according to your business goals and current marketing budget
  • Diversification – Our team will work to diversity your campaign across platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and more
  • No fees or payment required until marketing plans approved
  • No costs or hidden fees for campaign setup
  • No contract minimums

What does your PPC expert do?

Your Expert will research your competitors, find out which keywords people are using in your niche, look into which audiences you should target, review your accounts to understand your marketing strategy so far, understand what the ideal messaging is to get people to click through to your site.

Set up your campaigns

Your Expert will start with the campaign set up as defined in the marketing plan. Depending on the channel this will include, defining Adgroups, setting up your Keyword bids, defining your Geo-Targeting, setting up the ads/extensions, as well as helping you with your ad-copy.

Launch, manage, and optimise your campaigns

At this point your ads will go live and your marketer will focus on optimising them through running A/B tests, tracking your Pixel conversions, managing your keyword bids, refining your ad groups, account structure, geo-targeting, and ad copy. They will also offer recommendations on how to improve your landing page and creatives to optimise the full funnel. Campaign Management – The marketing expert will

  • Define and create ad groups/adsets.
  • Optimise the ad copy.
  • Manage your keyword bids.
  • Define your ideal target audience.
  • Track your Pixel conversions.
  • A/B test different ads.
  • Account Structure/Restructure – Defining the campaigns/adgroups and their logic.
  • Landing & Creatives Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated team of experts will ensure we provide the best possible outcomes to help your business improve your lead generation strategy and visibility online. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our PPC management company services.

Our PPC management services include PPC campaign strategy, execution, and management of all PPC campaigns. Our contracts include no hidden fees and payment is not required until all PPC management plans are first approved by your business. Alliance Interactive PPC management experts will develop a PPC management strategy and manage all campaigns to ensure they properly align with your current marketing budget, but our plans do not include advertising media costs themselves.

Alliance Interactive PPC management company services do not require a minimum contract time. All of our PPC management company plans start at $950 for PPC campaigns.

Alliance Interactive will ensure the best possible results for your PPC management campaigns. Our campaigns are adjusted as needed to ensure all business KPIs are met according to your business timeline and budget requirements. Our PPC experts can help your business achieve the following through our marketing services:

  • Improved online visibility and brand recognition
  • Higher overall website traffic
  • Improved lead generation strategy 
  • Increased online conversions
  • A high return on your marketing investment
  • Increased business revenue

Alliance Interactive works with small, medium, and large sized businesses for PPC campaign management. The best package option for your business will depend on the following:

  • Average monthly media spend
  • Business goals and KPI requirements
  • PPC campaign diversification across different platforms
  • Current competitive landscape
  • Desired outcomes for improved online lead generation

Our Happy Customers

“The team draws from their in-depth expertise and project experience and won’t steer you wrong.”
Tony Nicholson Corporate Communications Leader – IPA Global
Tony Nicholson
“Our website conversions improved over 300% with the help of the Alliance team. We use Alliance for all our digital advertising and support needs.”
Mark Tremmin VP Sales – Approvian
Approvian Web design
“Alliance provided the results and smooth process we needed. We consider them an integral partner as we continue to grow and expand.”
Yann Henrotte General Manager – Arts Club of Washington
Yann Henrotte
“Our web traffic is up 25% due to Alliance Interactive’s SEO efforts. Since 2018, unique page views have increased by 36% and bounce rates have decreased by 50%.”
Marc Mesmer Digital Marketing Manager – Silver Diner
Marc Mesmer
“Alliance Interactive is very flexible and accommodating in terms of scope changes. Their team provides excellent project management.”
Sara Wachtel Senior Brand and Design Manager – Fidelis Security
Sara Wachtel
“They have a full team of experts who specialize in each area of their digital services. They helped us with our SEO issues and we highly recommend them.”
Kate Gross Manager at