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Top Rated Website Maintenance Company in New York City

Alliance serves clients in the New York City area maintain an effective web presence through our website support services. Our support staff has assisted many high profile financial, technology, retail, and security industries throughout the New York City area. Our ability to quickly address onsite issues, while also helping companies achieve online business goals, has made us a top-rated agency for website support and assistance.

A Better Website Support Company

A Better Website Support Company

In a highly competitive area such as New York City, the need for an impressionable website experience is of high priority. Poor performing and unsecure websites can lead to a negative user experience, especially in a technology driven area such as NYC. Alliance is committed to providing high level website support to busy New York executives, to reduce frustration spent trying to resolve website related issues and allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

  • Managed Support by Real People
  • 14-years Experience Serving the New York City Area
  • Top Rated Agency by Clutch
  • 30-Day Risk Free Trial
  • Levels of Service for Every Client
Website Maintenance

What Are Our Maintenance Plans?

Our website maintenance and support plans are intended to be flexible according to your current support needs. We understand that New York City is a growing area, and we want to provide your business the ability to add additional support if needed since business requirements can often change throughout the year. We will take care of all the routine maintenance and updates required to ensure reliable site security and performance, and offer 24/7 site monitoring.

However, we don’t simply offer tech support in New York City, we also give our clients a comprehensive plan that helps drive growth online through analytic recommendations and updates that help improve search engine rankings. We have provided solutions for some of the areas leading brands, and want your business to experience growth online through a targeted approach strategized specifically for you.

Whether it’s security updates, performance enhancements, or reliable hosting, we are here to provide the ongoing support you need. We offer a 30-day guarantee with each of our plans to ensure your satisfaction.

How Much Do
Our Maintenance Plans Cost?

Our plans start a few hours per month, which is enough to help make improvements as necessary.
Our basic plan includes four update hours per month. Use it for asking questions, routine tasks, and troubleshooting problems.

Website Support

Ways to Use Your Website Maintenance Support Plans

  • Landing Page Design
  • SEO Enhancements
  • Upgrade to HTTPs
  • Onsite Integrations
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Content Management and Updates

30 Day Refund Policy

Sign-up for a risk-free Maintenance Package with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Wordpress support

WordPress Website Support Experts

The most popular CMS in the world – WordPress – powers over 30% of all websites. Our managed WordPress support in New York City will provide all the necessary security fixes, performance enhancements, and plugin installation.

Drupal Support

Drupal Website Support Experts

Drupal offers customizable components for content management, and our team of experts will make sure your website is up to date on all the latest modules through our ongoing site support and maintenance. We have over 14-years experience developing and supporting Drupal platform websites. If you need a team to manage, maintain, and support your Drupal site, you’ve come to the right place.

Do We Support Other Websites?

Yes, Alliance offers managed support to New York City clients with websites running on a variety of platforms. We have experience providing support on custom websites, as well as on platforms such as Joomla and Woocommerce.

Our Toolbox

Managed Support and Maintenance Services

Get website maintenance and support from real people that care. Whether it’s security updates and fixes or reliable hosting designed to speed up your website, we do it all. We offer managed support during regular business hours, and after hours email support.

Website Support
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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Companies in New York City

New York City is a diverse area of corporate headquarters, high-profile financial firms, and security industries. It is also experiencing rapid growth beyond its traditional industries with many new startups in the technology sector, which is estimated to be a $125 billion dollar industry in the area. Alliance helps many industries in the NYC area with website maintenance and support services so they can remain competitive in a technology-driven environment.

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Call us at 888-222-9056 to arrange a visit at our local Washigton DC office located just minutes from Northern Virginia, or we can arrange a free in-office consultation.

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Website Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Alliance has the qualifications and expertise to work with any business in the Chicago area. We have experience working with high profile security companies, government organizations and financial firms, all of which require a high level of attention to data protection and security.

We understand the need for reliable website support, which is why Alliance offers managed support options by real people. Whether your a Dallas business owner that has a full schedule that allows for little attention towards the website, or a manufacturing firm that may not have the staff to fix a website related issue, we will have you covered. Our support services include tools to chat directly with our team, and we have the ability to offer same day support to resolving issues.

We want to give piece of mind to each of our Delaware clients, so our support plans will provide the coverage you need each month. We provide the necessary updates to performance and security each month to maintain an optimal onsite experience. Our plans are then customized by the number of additional update hours per month, which can be adjusted at any point throughout the contract depending on the needs of your business.

If you can dream it, we can do it. Alliance offers custom website upgrades and integrations for websites that run on a variety of different platforms. Whether you are looking to have a responsive website to catch the attention of Arlington commuters browsing the internet on their way home from work, or want to better engage your visitors through an onsite social media integration, we have the ability to complete a variety of design and development requests.

Running a business in any high traffic and technology driven areas such as Maryland, is in need of regular security updates, or else they run the risk of data theft or loss. In emergency situations, turnaround time to identify and resolve issues can be slow. A smart decision is to hire a website maintenance company that is dedicated to providing support when you need it, as well as taking the necessary precautions to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

Alliance has worked with hundreds of different clients throughout the Washington DC area and beyond. Our support services are intended to be customizable to your needs, giving you the ability to add extra hours if you need assistance on a specific project that month. We have experience working on websites for many high profile security firms, government agencies

Alliance offers support for websites built on a number of CMSes, including WordPress and Drupal. Our team will review your site to determine if your site is a suitable candidate for one of our website maintenance agreements. We review your website code, frontend and backend functionality, and hosting environments.  Our process usually takes between 3-5 business days once we have received the necessary site access. We then provide you with the detailed findings and provide an action plan for next steps.

A website maintenance company will assist in maintaining an excellent online experience by performing the necessary routine security and performance updates. They provide emergency support in instances of data theft or loss. Additionally, they provide recommendations for other areas of a website that can increase site traffic and engagement.

Our support plans benefit clients by offering priority support along with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Having prepaid credits for updates and support allows you to keep your site updated, budget without costly one-time fees, and lock-in reduced development rates.

There are many benefits to a website maintenance service including:

  • Ability to resolve site-support-related issues in a quick turnaround time
  • Off-site backups of your website to protect site content
  • Performing routine security maintenance and scheduled website updates
  • Priority scheduling for complex site updates along with regular site requests
  • Resolving any coding-related or backend issues that may be affecting website performance
  • Providing recommendations for website updates based on analytic data reviews that would help improve website traffic, user experience, and engagement with site content.
  • Further developing areas of a website through new functionality, onsite integrations, calls to action, search engine optimization, responsive design, content creation, and digital marketing
  • Website maintenance clients in Virginia also benefit from our ability to have a local company that understands local issues and challenges.

Our onboarding process includes an initial onboarding meeting to better understand the requirements and goals of the client. We then will perform a website audit to look at past analytic data to provide recommendations for areas on the website that could be further enhanced. 

In addition to regularly scheduled monthly updates and security fixes, we provide emergency support that can be requested through online chat directly with our support team. Each of our packages also includes additional website update hours, which our clients use for onsite enhancements to improve areas such as search functionality, conversion rate, content engagement, and more.

We understand the need for direct support during emergency situations such as data loss, which is why we provide managed support by real people. Our clients use an online chat tool to communicate directly with our support staff so we can resolve issues right away. Depending on the level of support selected, we also offer the option to have a dedicated support manager assigned to your website.

Each of our plans requires a three- to twelve-month commitment, and can be upgraded or downgraded at any point in time. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our support plans to ensure quality satisfaction with the level of service we provide.

Clients can request additional support hours for projects, which are billed at a rate of $135 per hour. Our time tracking system will track all details and activities on your account.

It is not a requirement that our clients host with us, but we do offer a number of hosting options though Pantheon, Acuqia, AWS, and Rackspace Managed Cloud accounts.