6 Signs Your Business Is Ready For A Change in Website Maintenance

Alliance  ·  July 26, 2020

Your website serves as the backbone of your digital presence helping your business expand and grow.  For many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed just how critical their business websites are and the need to have a dedicated website maintenance company that puts a team of marketing professionals at your disposal.

Are you relying on the same website maintenance company that isn’t providing the urgency and care you need? In this article, we will discuss some the six signs your business should consider a new website support partnership that better suits your digital needs.

Your Website Maintenance Team is Too Slow Resolving Issues

If you are finding that your current support team provides an extremely slow turnaround when resolving website maintenance issues, it might be time to start exploring new vendors. It is critical in today’s business world that your website provides a certain level of functionality, otherwise your potential customers are inclined to go elsewhere. Slow loading pages, lack of security, confusing website navigation, and poor content organization are all components of a website that need to be updated on an ongoing basis depending on your business and customer needs. If your support team is unable to keep up with current support requests, your business also cannot explore new upgrades that might be needed as it continues to expand and grow.

Your Website Lacks The Functionality Your Business Requires

If you are finding that your current website support team is unable to provide the necessary services to help expand the functionality of your website, it might be necessary to begin considering a new website maintenance partnership. Upgrades to your content management system are necessary to help run your business in the most efficient way. Your CMS system should allow for integration of necessary tools needed to support your business, as well as be user friendly to allow changes to easily be made to the front end to keep your website updated on a regular basis. In the extremely competitive online marketplace, your business also needs to pay attention to things such as search engine optimization, website speed, and a high level of security to see increased traffic and customer retention. If your website maintenance team is unable to optimize your website to meet these requirements it might be time to start looking elsewhere. 

Your Business Demands and Current Website Maintenance Do Not Align

Your current website maintenance team may have been able to meet your business demands when your website was originally built, but you might be finding that they now lack the capability you need to help continue expansion and growth over the long term. Website support now requires more than just the ability to fix issues, and they need to act as a long-term partner for digital growth. This means that they should recognize opportunities where your website could be updated to help drive more traffic and convert more customers. This could include updates to your website speed, updates to the design or navigation, incorporating new calls to action or integration of new features to improve your customer experience. For an evaluation of your current website, click here for a free report.

Your Are Noticing Negative Customer Feedback From Your Website

If you are noticing poor customer feedback regarding your website experience it is definitely time to begin looking into new options for website maintenance. With the reliance on smartphone use, something as simple as an unresponsive design can drive away lots of website traffic. Your business needs a support partner that will provide tools to help analyze data about what your visitors are doing when they come across your website and provide a plan of action for long-term improvement. 

Your Website Data Lacks Security 

A data breach can cost your business big time, so it is important that your website maintenance team provides a high level of security that keeps your content and visitor information well protected. If you are unsure if your website security is up to date and monitored on an ongoing basis, it might be necessary to find the support that better fits your business needs.

Your Current Website Support Provides an Unpersonalized Service Approach

Your website maintenance team should provide a certain level of personalization when it comes to maintaining your website. With the Covid-19 pandemic, websites need to be more dynamic and communicate effectively to your visitors’ unique requests with content that helps them understand what you and why you do it better. Every business has different requirements; and if your current support team fails to understand your unique needs, it might be time to consider other options. They need to be able to have the capability to personalize your website. This could be through a flexible content management platform, ability to upgrade different aspects such as the design and navigation, mobile responsiveness, and the ability to optimize for search.

Your website maintenance team needs to function as a partnership that can help expand and grow your digital business. If you are finding that your current support does not align with your business needs, lacks the necessary functionalities to help run your business efficiently, or provides an unprofessional level of support, it might be necessary to begin exploring new website support options.

For personalized website maintenance options that help provide frequent emergency care, reduce costs, provide new design capabilities, improve SEO health, and drive value, take a look at some of our support services here.