Social Media ROI with Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Alliance  ·  January 21, 2016

Have you been looking at your site statistics wondering how long your customer’s buying cycle really is, or how many times does a Facebook Fan have to look at your site before they finally purchase?

Google Analytics is currently testing a new service called Multi-Channel Funnels which has the following features:

Path Length

Breaks down the number of interactions it takes before a conversion occurs as well as the amount of revenue generated for each.

Time Lag

Shows the number of days between the first interaction and the final interaction where the conversion occurred.

Top Conversion Paths

Shows the top combination of channel interactions taken by visitors before a conversion occurs. This can be very powerful as it shows you which channels work together to drive conversions as well as the order in which they work together.

Assisted Conversions

Shows the overall impact that each channel has by segmenting the conversions and conversion values attributed to each channel in three ways:

  • Last click conversions
  • Assisted conversions
  • First interaction conversions

The good news – you will be able to gather more meaningful data from websites that your user was previously viewing, including the elusive Social Media sites and, yes, Facebook.

The bad news – it’s not available to the masses yet.  It’s being tested by a select few.