How to Display Awards on Your Website

Alliance  ·  April 03, 2020

An awards section or website can be a great place to show customers your latest achievements, as well as build trust and credibility in your brand. Whether your business has received an award for an industry innovation, client project, or superior customer service, having a website dedicated to showcasing your awards will help you win credibility points with new customers, and establish your competitive advantage.

How do you display awards correctly on your website?

An awards website is a section or separate site that showcases achievements among employees and throughout the business. An awards website is a great place to refer new and existing clients to if they are in the process of evaluating your business and the products or services you offer. Just like positive client reviews guide a customer in making a purchasing decision, an awards website provides a level of trust that your business will meet their expectations.

Does my company need an awards or recognition website?

One of the main reasons to consider an awards website is that it enhances search engine rankings and enhances lead generation for your business. For example, if someone was to search a keyword that related to your business, they may land on your award website. Now, not only do they have knowledge of the existence of your business, but they can see that you are a credible resource that they are more likely to consider buying from.

Creating a secondary awards website will also help draw more attention to the awards themselves. The awards themselves may not have the same level of impression if they are on your main business page as they can easily become lost or be missed entirely. You can also focus your awards website around the experience your business creates for client rather than focusing solely on products or services. Some great elements to include on an awards website would be client testimonials, case studies or project profiles.

Advantages of an Awards Website

  • Improves search rankings
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Improves business positioning
  • Establishes trust and credibility

Elements to Include on Your Awards Website:

Responsive Design

Since an awards website is a great resource to show clients your latest business achievements, you want to make sure your design is responsive across any device. This will allow you to reach a larger audience of mobile traffic that might be interested in learning more about how your business has seen success in the industry. Having a design that is mobile friendly will also help improve search rankings- as Google now uses responsive design as a factor for better rankings.

Search Engine Reliability

When creating your awards website, you want to ensure it is well optimized for search engine reliability to help improve rankings and improve lead generation. By partnering with a developer to build a custom awards website, you have the ability to optimize keywords, increase backlinking activity and create a sitemap- all of which help search engines better understand your content.

List of All Previous and Current Awards

When creating your awards website, don’t neglect mentioning any previous achievements. Awards won throughout your business operation will show customers that you have continued to provide innovation, great client projects or superior customer service among your competition. Having multiple awards also shows your business is well rounded, and maintains a level of excellence throughout maybe changes in staff, location, and clientele.

Testimonials Section

An awards website is not only a great place to show customers your well known achievements, it also allows you to showcase why others would recommend your services, which will help website visitors establish credibility in your business. By incorporating a testimonials section, your business gives its clients a voice in how the experience you provided them impacted them as a whole.

Case Studies Section

Much like a testimonials section, a case study section is another area that can enhance an awards website by showcasing client projects and their impact on an individual level. A case study provides an overview of a project by discussing the individual client challenges and solutions provided through the business. A case study section is helpful for a new visitor on a website because it gives them a better representation of what level of service to expect and how partnering with them could be beneficial.

Overall, when considering a secondary awards website for your business you want to make sure the design is responsive, search engine friendly, notes all awards from previous years and features a testimonial or case study section to help build brand credibility and trust.

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