Your Basic Guide to Improving Website SEO

Alliance  ·  November 20, 2019

SEO is a buzzword in today’s website world. We all want our website to rank well on search engines, but struggle to understand how to make improvements. A great place to begin is to look at improving onsite SEO. There are a few areas to pay attention to when taking some steps toward a search engine friendly site.

1. Enhancing Performance and Security

Making sure your site is secure and performing well is not only important for creating a positive user experience, it actually has an effect on your search rankings as well. Many visitors will leave if a site takes too long to load, so it is important to try to keep load speed around 2-3 seconds. Search engines also rank sites based on load speed and security, and will boost the higher performing sites to the top. Consider updating your site to HTTPs to protect your site’s content and visitor information, consider upgrading your hosting, and optimize onsite images to get your site performing efficiently.

2. Amount of Site Content

Updating content regularly on your site will positively impact your search engine rankings, as Google generally ranks sites higher based on content volume. Consider some new ways you can add content to your site, such as creating technical documents or research articles, recapping industry related news, or providing information about upcoming area events.

3. Meta Description Tag

A meta description tag is a piece of HTML code that summarizes the content on your web page. Having a meta description tag helps search engines to better understand the content on your page, which can help improve search rankings.

4. Ease of Navigation and Internal Links

Many people are unaware that the way their website pages are organized plays a role in how search engines will rank them. If you have important pages that you really want to catch the attention of search engines, try to link it in multiple places throughout your website.

5. Keyword Distribution and Research

Keywords are extremely important to help with your SEO. Try to have some research done on keywords frequently searched within your industry, and then focus your efforts on the ones you would like to rank for. Make sure these keywords are well distributed throughout your site content and across important HTML tags so search engines can find them on your site.

6. Fixing Broken Links and Search Engine Friendly URLS

Having broken links or pieces of code that are unreadable by search engines can negatively affect your rankings. Consider having these links fixed to make your site easier for search engines to understand.

7. Installing and XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that allows you to list all the pages on your website. Having a sitemap allows search engines to better understand how your content is organized, when it was last updated, and what types of content are available on your site. This will help visitors find your site more easily when searching for related topics.

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Making an effort towards improving the suggestions above will not only help improve your search engine rankings, but will also help create a better onsite user experience. Alliance has worked with businesses in a variety of different industries to develop a keyword strategy and provide SEO Services in Washington, DC and nationwide to increase traffic rankings.