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About Logos Technologies

Logos Technologies is a defense and technology development and support organization providing reliable solutions to government clients. As a government contractor, Logos has demonstrated expertise in many business to government B2G areas throughout the defense technology area such as motion imagery, data processing, analytic data reporting, product development, and sensor training.

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Logos Technologies engaged Alliance to design a government contractor website that would establish them as a market leader in persistent surveillance technologies. Alliance’s team also had the defense background and secured cyber experts that met their requirements.


Alliance worked closely with Logos Technologies to develop a government contracting website that would effectively reflect their industry expertise and wide array of services. The website was designed to generate more trust in products, continuing services and incorporated new content and testimonials.  Unlike many government contractor websites it had to feel modern while helping drive online results- we also designed a careers area to help drive qualified job applicants. Throughout the project, we kept an open dialogue with the Logos Technologies team, encouraging creative collaboration every step of the way.


By identifying target markets for defense products and creating a government contracting website that was simple to navigate with an updated look and feel, Logos Technologies was able to better engage visitors online.

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Branding Approach

Logos isn’t just selling persistent surveillance solutions – they’re helping turn back the clock to help find the perpetrators of crimes. Alliance helped develop website brand standards, icons and graphics that helped inspire confidence and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Digital Strategy, Marketing Website Design
Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Marketing Website Design
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