How to Create a Group List in Gmail: Step-by-Step Guide

Alliance  ·  January 16, 2021

Gmail is one of the most commonly used email platforms, and is often utilized for email marketing campaigns for businesses. These types of campaigns require emailing multiple contacts at once, which can be a long and tedious task when plugging in email addresses individually. In this article, we will break down the step by step process of how to create a group in Gmail to save you time when sending emails to multiple people.

What is a Gmail Group?

Creating a Gmail group is one of the fastest ways to send multiple emails. A Gmail group is a collection of multiple email accounts that is created when specific emails need to be sent to multiple groups of people. By categorizing these email lists into groups, a Gmail user can increase their outreach and save time by not having to find contacts individually.

Benefits of a Gmail group include:

  • Saves time sending emails
  • Allows you to reach more people with your email messaging
  • Allows you to segment email marketing campaigns and messaging to specific audiences
  • Allows a business to communicate internally with other employees

How to Create a Gmail Group:

Step 1. Find the Google Contacts Button


The contacts button will be located under the grid on the right hand side of your Gmail home screen.

Step 2. Find Contacts

Once under the Contacts Tab, Click “Contacts” “Frequently Contacted” or “Directory”

If you are new to Gmail Groups, you most likely have not created any contacts yet, but this tab will allow you to see a list of all of them later on. You will also be able to view frequently contacted individuals under the lower tab, as well as employees at your business under the directory tab.

Step 3. Add a New Contact

Once under the contacts tab, click the create a new contact button and add in their information, including any labels to help you identify them.

Step 4. Add New Labels

Once your contacts have been added, select the contacts you want to create in your group and click the label icon below and select “create new label”.

Step 5. Name the Group Labels

Name the label what you would like your group to be titled.

Step 6. Select Your Gmail Groups

You now can select different groups of contacts under the labels tab, allowing you to send emails to these specific groups.

Group email accounts in Gmail are really useful for work teams within any industry. Most teams don’t realize  you can create them for sending an email to a large list of people at the same time, for a defined purpose, without the need to spend time typing each individual email address. Creating these Groups in Gmail is also an effective way to manage segmented lists or send newsletters.


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