Setup Google +1 for Businesses and Brands: A How To Guide

Alliance  ·  January 25, 2016

After telling businesses to hold off creating Google Plus (Google +1) pages for their customers, Google has finally given businesses the green light to start creating their Google + 1pages.  The social network has become a monster in the making. Even though it has only been around for 100 days, it has acquired over 40 million users and has launched over 100 features.

How to get started with Google + 1 for Business:

  1. Register your Google + 1 Business account
  2. Identify your organization as a Local Business, Product or Brand, Company, Arts Entertainment, or Other.
  3. Make your page name the name of your organization or product.
  4. Boost your search engine optimization (SEO) visibility with Google +1 by adding an introduction and website URL and a very descriptive introduction.
  5. In “About -> Introduction” use keywords that describe your business or organization in the first two lines.
  6. Upload images that reinforce your business service, offerings or services.
  7. Link your Plus +1 account, which is embedded on your homepage, with your business’ Google + page, so when one is liked the other is liked as well.
  8. Use direct connect to make it very easy for users to add a business page to their circle. When a user adds a “+” symbol in front of a name of a specific business or product (as long as there is a page associated with that product), the user will be asked to add this particular business or product to their circle.

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