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Best Careers Page Websites

1. United

United Airlines offers its own website solely dedicated to careers, allowing candidates to really explore opportunities and employee benefits. United’s unique careers website highlights company benefits right on the homepage, such as base pay and flexibility, training and innovation, industry leadership, and company culture. By highlighting these benefits, potential candidates can better determine whether they would mesh well with the company. The other aspect of their website that adds a lot of value is the case study section at the bottom of the homepage. By sharing individual success stories of current employees, new candidates can get a better sense of what day to day life might look like when working for United. Industry: Airline Visit the United Aviate Website

2. Crowdstrike

Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity technology company offering services such as endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber attack response. On the Crowdstrike careers page, you are first given the opportunity to view a Crowstrike video that offers an overview of the company culture and what it looks like to work with them. Use of video and other media gives potential employees a more visual sense of what to expect if they were to be hired at the company. We also appreciate that Crowdstrike offers an overview of different job divisions within the company, such as engineering and technology, sales and marketing, professional services, HR, and more. This helps a website visitor determine if their expertise could fit with a current role offered by Crowdstrike. At the bottom of the Crowdstrike homepage, there is also an employee testimonial, which gives more of a personal feel to the brand through a small snippet of what it is like working for the company. Industry: Security and Technology Visit the Crowdstrike Website

3. Spotify

Spotify’s careers website is attention capturing for sure. The digital music service’s website displays a cohesive brand image throughout that plays on the colors and text used within the Spotify logo. Spotify also offers a search functionality on the website homepage allowing you to search open positions by job title and keyword, job category, and location. We also appreciate that Spotify further breaks down different job categories by passion — such as brand and creative, content, data and analytics and more — and lists the number of available opportunities in that category right on the homepage. This allows potential applicants to see if there is a role currently available as soon as they enter the website. Industry: Music Visit the Spotify Website

4. SpaceX

SpaceX is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company based in California. The SpaceX careers page uses language and imagery that relates well with the brand using playful brand messaging such as ‘Find Your Future’ and high resolution imagery. Space X also includes a small video message from the SpaceX President and COO that highlights the company mission and vision, as well as how the opinions of the employees are applied to help the company achieve its goals. By showcasing that company executives value employees and want to grow the company, new applicants can better identify with the brand before submitting an application. Industry: Aerospace Visit the SpaceX website

5. WillowTree

WillowTree is a corporate web application and development company. The WillowTree careers page offers a value statement right on the homepage which is a great way to help new visitors understand maybe why the company differs from competitors and how its employees have helped it grow into the company it is today. The WillowTree careers page also showcases company awards and employee glassdoor reviews. Incorporating these types of elements into a careers page helps visitors understand company culture, core values, and past success, making it more desirable to apply at WillowTree. Industry: Software and App Development Visit the WillowTree Website

6. AccessiBe

AccessiBe is a high-tech company that offers an internet solution for people with disabilities. The AccessiBe careers page plays on company impact by demonstrating how being an AccessiBe team member has made a difference in the world today. The AccessiBe website allows visitors to view snippets of open job positions right from the homepage to get a general idea of what types of roles are available to them. The AccessiBe website also highlights each of the company core values such as excellency, determination, productivity, and more. It is important to showcase company values within a careers page as it allows individuals to connect with a company on a deeper, more personal level. Industry: Technology Visit the AccessiBe website

7. Octo Consulting

Octo Consulting offers a variety of different consulting services and specializes in IT modernization and citizen engagement for federal government clients. While the brand aligns with government professionals, the careers website offers a great sense of company culture and employee connection through different website features. For example, we love that Octo included a “Life at Octo” section featuring images of their employees both at work and during company outings. The Octo website also includes employee testimonials on the homepage, allowing candidates to get a great sense of how Octo has allowed them to grow in their roles over time. Industry: Consulting Visit the Octo Website

8. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is a group consisting of bishops who jointly exercise Christian pastoral functions in the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. USCCB breaks down the company mission goals right on the homepage of the website to help visitors gain a better understanding of the organization. Since USCCB is a highly complex organization consisting of a number of different offices and committees, the careers page thoughtfully presents employee benefits rather than just listing jobs so visitors can get a better sense of why they may want to work there. We also appreciate that the bottom of the careers page website offers featured stories about the impact their organization has made on the Catholic community. Industry: Religion Visit the USCCB Website

9. Equinox

Equinox is a boutique gym offering its members a variety of training equipment, classes, and personal training. Since Equinox is a large nationwide corporation, we appreciate the search functionality right at the top of the careers page, allowing visitors to filter job opportunities by keyword and location. The Equinox careers page also keeps cohesive branding with fitness-based imagery and word choice. The company also focuses on increasing conversion rate by offering an alert sign up feature for applicants to know about any future opportunities and open positions. Industry: Health and Wellness Visit the Equinox Website

10. Celtra

Celtra is a creative technology and software development company that has been in business since 2010. We think Celtra does a great job offering a personal feel to the brand through imagery. On the Celtra careers page, they have included company headshots from their global team, as well as pictures of life around the office. Since the company operates on a global level, they also have broken down their different office locations so visitors are able to see if there is a location near them before searching for open positions. Industry: Software and Development Visit the Celtra Website

11. FCA Group

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles offers its own careers website like United Airlines. For larger companies, having a separate careers website helps eliminate any confusion about where to find jobs and learn more about employment. Since they have many sub brands within their company, they include each of the sub brand logos so visitors can easily identify which subrand might have openings. FCA also does a great job highlighting their passion for veteran recruitment. Lastly, they allow visitors to get a glimpse of different office locations through pictures of each headquarter location. Industry: Automotive Visit the FCA Website

12. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to create idea boards with different online photos and websites for inspiration and ideas that relate to different hobbies such as crafting, traveling, photography, fashion, and more. Much like how the application works, the Pinterest careers page website plays on imagery and video to showcase company culture and work life. We also appreciate that the company uses mission statements to explain how they plan to grow and how they value their customers. Industry: Social Media Visit the Pinterest Website

13. StyleSeat

StyleSeat is an online platform that allows visitors to discover new beauty and wellness services and book appointments right through the site. Rather than posting a number of open job positions, StyleSeat does a nice job highlighting their values of diversity, ownership, and becoming your best self, which can help applicants identify with the brand if they are looking for a workplace that will allow for growth. StyleSeat also breaks down benefits in an easy-to-read, bulleted format, showing that they offer a few unique benefits such as paid lunches and merchandise discounts. Industry: Beauty and Wellness Visit the StyleSeat website

14. US Fitness

US Fitness is another multi-brand company offering careers at different gyms within the company such as Crunch Fitness, Sport and Health, OneLife Fitness, and more. US Fitness does a good job outlining the company culture and giving a glimpse of what workplace life looks like. The navigation bar also outlines different topics to explore to learn more about their careers, such as a testimonials section, benefits overview, location, and job opportunities. This helps visitors find the career-related information they need both quickly and efficiently. Industry: Health and Wellness Visit the US Fitness website

15. ZenDesk

ZenDesk is a CRM company that builds customer relationship software. The careers page at ZenDesk is all about inclusivity and impact, both of which are powerful ways to help visitors better understand and identify the brand. ZenDesk has a social impact and inclusivity tab right on the homepage, allowing visitors to view statistics about recent community projects. Within the inclusivity section, ZenDesk is very forthcoming about their current staff by breaking down the company employees by gender, race, age, and more. ZenDesk also makes it easy to find opportunities based on location by breaking down major areas that they offer employment including remotely. Industry: Technology Visit the ZenDesk Website

16. Medallia

Medallia is a customer and employee experience management company with headquarters in California. The Medallia careers page website uses the power of statistics to show impact, such as the number of employees they currently have, brands they have built, and countries where they operate. The Medallia website also gives a more personal sense of different job positions by highlighting different employees and allowing visitors to click on their bio and learn more about their role within the company and past experience before getting hired. This gives potential applicants a good sense of whether their current experience might align with a position at Medallia. Industry: Management Visit the Medallia website

17. American Woodmark

American Woodmark is a custom home improvement company offering 15 different sub brands with over 10,000 employees. American Woodmark streamlines their brand image throughout the website by incorporating imagery of people on the job. They also incorporated an interactive map of the United States to highlight different headquarters and employment locations to make it easy for visitors to see if there is a location near them. Industry: Home Improvement Visit the AmericanWoodmark website

18. Headspace

Headspace is a mobile application offering meditation and exercises designed to reduce stress and improve sleep. The Headspace careers page starts with an introductory video that has employees describe workplace life and culture. We also appreciate that the homepage gives visitors a glimpse of employee perks and testimonials before guiding the visitor to the job openings link. By having them review these benefits before seeing any open positions, Headspace is able to help individuals determine whether they could see themselves in a role at the company. Industry: Mobile Application Visit the Headspace website

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