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Hate Crimes is a section on the United States Department of Justice website that provides resources, news, current initiatives, and policy on the subject. Hate Crimes are defined as a crime a person commits with a motivation based on a bias towards another person, place, or thing. The Hate Crimes section of the site serves to educate the public about the impact of this issue through case examples and resources, as well as a strategy for prevention of these types of crimes in the future.


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The Department of Justice partnered with Alliance to develop a more organized and engaging content strategy for online visitors, in hopes they could attract more community support towards this issue.


The new Hate Crime section of the Department of Justice website remained true to the professional brand image of other areas of the site, but with a more organized content structure to better educate visitors and increase community support. On the new page, visitors are better engaged through presentation of case study examples and educational resources. Visitors can also view upcoming events and related news through a custom sidebar developed to display the latest content.


Alliance Interactive’s content restructuring helped drive issue awareness and community support for Hate Crimes, resulting in a 300% increase in website traffic and 45% time spent engaging online.

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Hate Crimes Website
Hate Crimes Website
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